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By Ben Pollard

Mordialloc Braeside won the inaugural SMJFL Under 17 Championship Cup at Moorleigh Reserve on Sunday.

The Cup provided a chance for players in the bottom five teams of Under 17 Division 2 to claim glory before bowing out of the SMJFL. With all players getting their final taste of junior football action, all matches were hard-fought and played with great spirit.

Qualifying first for the Cup on percentage ahead of Waverley Park proved decisive for Mordi Brae, as they only needed to win twice to claim the title. Waverley Park, however, needed to play three games just to make the championship match, where the day’s efforts undoubtedly wore them down.

Mordi Brae’s team defence was superb, keeping Waverley Park to just one behind in each of their clashes. It capped off a year of dominance over their Championship Cup rival, after 20 and 16-point victories during the home-and-away season.

The standings before the Championship Cup were as follows:

(1) Mordialloc Braeside (6-7)
(2) Waverley Park (6-7)
(3) Highett (4-8)
(4) East Sandringham (3-9)
(5) Bentleigh (1-11)

(The top two teams in Under 17 Division 2, South Melbourne District (12-1) and Ajax (10-3) both advanced to the overall Under 17 finals series.)

Championship Cup matches were played out over four 10-minute quarters and the results were as follows:

Game 1 (qualifying match)
(2) Waverley Park 2.6 (18) def (3) Highett 2.2 (14)
Game 2 (elimination match)
(4) East Sandringham 7.7 (49) def (5) Bentleigh 3.3 (21)
Game 3 (semi final 1)
(1) Mordialloc-Braeside 7.7 (49) def (2) Waverley Park 0.1 (1)
Game 4 (semi final 2)
(3) Highett 1.4 (10) def by (4) East Sandringham 6.4 (40)
Game 5 (preliminary final)
(2) Waverley Park 12.8 (80) def (4) East Sandringham 3.0 (18)
Game 6 (championship match)
(1) Mordialloc Braeside 5.6 (36) def (2) Waverley Park 0.1 (1)

There were no major incidents, and the SMJFL would like to thank all team officials for their fantastic conduct throughout the day.

The SMJFL wishes all Under 17s leaving the league in 2012 all the very best and hopes they truly enjoyed their junior football careers in the SMJFL.