Forms and Documents

These are the forms that enable SMJFL (U11-U18) umpires to complete all paperwork associated with games, request appointments to games, query their pay and order uniforms.

Also included in this section will be the laws of the game as they relate to the SMJFL competition, along with the current SMJFL Umpire Handbook.

SMJFL Umpire Official Feedback Form

This form is for all SMJFL Umpire Coaches, Mentors, Observers and Experienced Umpires to provide feedback to the Coaching and Admin Staff regarding the umpires.

Umpire Observation Form

Match Day Forms

Please note that you should now submit information formerly entered online on the following form via the MATCH DAY PAPERWORK app available for Apple or Android devices. Try clicking this link for help with the APP before ringing for help: HELP on Match Day Paperwork APP 

SMJFL Umpire Pay Query

Opens internal link in current windowSMJFL Umpire Uniform order form 2021

Opens internal link in current windowAppointment Request – BOUNDARY


2021 SMJFL Umpire Code of Conduct

Player/Official Report Form

Type Umpires’ Pay One Field Umpire
Under 11-13 Mixed & Girls $53 $63.60
Under 14 Mixed & Girls $60 $81.00
Under 15 Boys $70.50 $95.18
Under 16 Boys & Girls $81.50 $122.25
Under 17 Boys & Under 18 Girls $90.50 $135.75
Under 11-13 Mixed* $34.50 N/A
Under 14 Mixed $36 N/A
Under 14 Girls* $36 N/A
Under 15 Boys $43 N/A
Under 16 Boys & Girls $49 N/A
Under 17 Boys & Under 18 Girls $54.50 N/A
Under 11-13 Mixed & Girls* $31.50 N/A
Under 14 Mixed & Girls* $31.50 N/A
Under 15 Boys* $33.50 N/A
Under 16 Boys & Girls* $35 N/A
Under 17 Boys & Under 18 Girls* $35 N/A



SMJFL Umpire Handbook 2020

2021 AFL Laws of the Game

2021 By-Laws

2020 Rule Variation Matrix – compares the differences in laws between competition age groups

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Completing Match Day Paperwork

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BlueQ User Guide – Personal Account

Initiates file downloadRegister to umpire on footyweb – Returning umpires to the SMJFL

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