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The Stars were pumped for their Grand Final challenge against Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL). On Yarra’s home turf, it was an exciting challenge for the South Metro Stars.

The first quarter saw plenty of chances for the Stars to show off their footwork. Although Yarra were hitting hard, the Stars had plenty to be excited about. Despite being down by 12 leading into the second quarter, the stellar teamwork in the middle by Sam Kristensen (East Malvern JFC) and Jack Toner (East Brighton VJFC), who also received a Best On Ground nomination) saw the Stars stay competitive.

Oscar Lewis’ (East Sandringham JFC) goal towards the end of the first quarter ensured the stars were only down by 12 points leading into the second quarter. Yarra were playing defensively against the South Metro Stars’ forward line, restricting the Stars’ opportunities at the goals.


Early In the second quarter, the Stars were firing. With Fisher McAsey’s (East Brighton VJFC) goal in the second setting the stars off and another quick snap by Daniel Marchese (Waverley Park Hawks) levelling the scores in the second.


With scores tied, the Yarra supporters started show early signs of concern. After all, this was the YJFL team that was lauded by YJFL officials pre-Carnival as the strongest YJFL team (of any age group) in the past decade.


The Stars were equal on the scoreboard and looking to press on towards an unlikely victory.

The South Metro Stars during their Grand Final match against YJFL.

The South Metro Stars during their Grand Final match against YJFL.

Despite the great pressure in defence shown by Jehtt Brazionis (Cheltenham JFC) and his fellow defenders, Yarra’s forwards were moving too fast and were back in business, piling on the goals at the very end of the second quarter.


At the main break, the South Metro Stars had the same amount of scoring shots however were down by just 15 points; SMJFL 3.5 (23) to Yarra’s 6.2 (38). The 15-point margin was the closest any team had been to YJFL in the entire AFL Victoria Metropolitan Junior Championships.


After the break, the Stars were going to have to keep the goals coming, after some inaccurate shots in the first half. However Yarra were on a roll, kicking eight goals to the Stars’ zero for the third quarter. The Stars were playing some brilliant footy, but Yarra were able to get the ball across the field, maximising their opportunities and responding quickly in turn-overs.


By three quarter time, Yarra had extended the margin and looked set for the win.


In the final quarter, Yarra were too strong for the Stars and moved the ball effectively down to their forward 50. Yarra proved to be a great opposition and the U14 South Metro Stars have come a long way in their football to reach the final game.


Corey Watts (Beaumaris FC) played a consistently strong game for the whole match, and received the Best On Ground award for his courageous efforts.


Congratulations to all players and staff for their efforts throughout the SMJFL Stars Interleague program. We look forward to seeing them in the Stars colours in the Under 15’s in 2016.

The Stars after their Grand Final match against YJFL.

The Stars after their Grand Final match against YJFL.

Final Score
South Metro Stars: 3.6.24
Yarra Junior Football League: 20.111.131


South Metro Stars Goal Kickers: Oscar Lewis (East Sandringham JFC), Fisher McAsey (East Brighton VJFC), Daniel Marchese (Waverley Park Hawks)


South Metro Stars Best On Ground: Corey Watts (Beaumaris FC), Fisher McAsey (East Brighton VJFC), Daniel Marchese (Waverley Park Hawks), Joshua Le Grice (East Sandringham JFC), Jack Toner (East Brighton VJFC)