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U14 Division 1:

The first game for the U14 Division 1 side was against the SEJ at Moorleigh Reserve and after a shaky first quarter they managed to storm home to a comfortable win. 

“The first quarter was a slow start, which I expected through things like nerves and adjusting to the tempo of a high quality game,” said their coach Steve Walton. “After the first quarter they did everything that we had asked of them over the past ten weeks and it all clicked.” 

At quarter time it was 0.3 apiece, however the second quarter was still fresh when they kicked two quick goals to open up a lead that they would never look back from. 

In a defensive display it wasn’t until halfway through the third quarter that the SMJFL defence allowed a goal to be registered against them.

Austin Bradtke picked up the medal as the best SMJFL player on the ground, impressive Walton with his efforts and versatility in playing various positions across the ground.

After a competitive first half in round two against the EDFL that saw the SMJFL take a one-point lead into the main break the boys faltered in the second half and suffered a 33-point defeat.

Bailey Smith continued to be a beacon of consistency as the young midfielder found himself named in the best players for the second time in a row – he would go on to get named in the bests the following game as well.

The boys were outscored seven goals to two in the second half as they failed to wrest back any momentum at all despite the efforts of Zane Walters who was the day’s recipient of the BOG medal.

Round three against the undefeated WRFL side was a must win with the winner advancing to the grand final to face the EFL.

The SMJFL started like a team that wasn’t done in this competition and had one more game left in them when they took a two-goal lead into the quarter-time huddle.

It was Troy Brimble who got things moving with his impressive run and carry helping him slice his way through the WRFL defence. Several times he could be seen streaming forward looking to hit up his forwards, which he did when he found the chest of Bradtke after taking three bounces.

In the ensuing two quarters the WRFL fought their way back into the game and at the final break there was only one goal separating the sides – just six points in the way of a grand final.

Jesse Patrick then snapped a miraculous goal to open the fourth quarter and the SMJFL didn’t stop there. Within three minutes they were poised to kick themselves clear of the WRFL and following Jonathon Woodward and Nick Stamatis goals all of a sudden it was a four-goal lead.

A six goal to two final term ensured the SMJFL a spot in the grand final where they will take on the EFL on Saturday the 21st of June.

Round 1:

SMJFL             9.13.67

SEJ                  3.7.25

Goal Kickers: N. Stamatis 2, H. Houlahan , N. De Bruin , S. Stynes , T. Brimble , J. Woodward, W. Kennedy , J. Patrick 

Best Players: A. Bradtke, S. Stynes, C. Logan, S. Forbes, B. Smith, T. Brimble

Round 2:

SMJFL             6.6.42

EDFL               11.9.75

Goal Kickers: S. Stynes , H. Houlahan , J. Scholz , T. Brimble , A. Bradtke , N. Stamatis , J. Crocker 

Best Players: Z. Waters, W. Kennedy, B. Smith, S. Stynes, C. Logan, H. Ferdinand

Round 3:

SMJFL             12.14.86

WRFL              8.5.53

Goal Kickers: J. Woodward 3, N. Stamatis 3, J. Patrick 2, A. Bradtke 2, J. Scholz , J. Turner 

Best Players: J. Crocker, Z. Waters, C. Logan, B. Smith, N. De Bruin, M. Harvey

U14 Division 2:

The SMJFL was one of three teams to finish the interleague competition of eight points but thanks to their potent attack they possessed the highest percentage and will go through to the grand final against the EFL.

It was a blistering start to the competition with the boys running out six goal winners against the YJFL to open their account.

The win was setup in the opening half where they managed to hold the YJFL scoreless for the first quarter and goalless for the entire half. Benjamin King and David Seager set the tone for the tournament and each kicked a pair of goals. They would go on to score multiple goals in the two remaining matches as well.

SMJFL Division 2 coach, Danny Kelly awarded the BOG medal for the opening game to Luke Egan who was ubiquitous throughout the game.

Round two at Moorleigh Reserve would prove to be a rout of the WRFL as they ran out 93-point winners. However, it didn’t appear that it would be so easy after one quarter had been put in the books. They only had one more scoring shot than the WRFL and just took a one-goal lead into the break.

Term two saw a fired up and committed squad take to the field as they began to build their lead with 5.6 to 0.1 and a 41-point halftime deficit in their favour.

King was influential all game, the tall forward consistently presented as a target and if he didn’t make the ball he split the contest. He capped of his afternoon with his fourth goal – a long-bomb goal from just outside the arc. As impressive as King’s game was Kelly awarded the medal for best on ground to Sam Sargeant who was prolific all game.

A win in the third round would have assured the SMJFL a place in the grand final but they could still make it through if they suffered a loss provided the YJFL didn’t beat the WRFL by 90 points.

The boys took on the EDFL and were behind all the way from the first bounce until the final siren and ended up losing by 39-points. After sitting out the second game against the WRFL, Ryan O’Meara made his presence known and returned to the side booting the game-high three goals.

Unfortunately the boys weren’t able to recover after only recording one shot at goal in the first quarter and the margin grew at each and every break.

However, other results went the team’s way and the SMJFL ended up atop the ladder with a percentage of 170 – forty-percentage points higher than the second placed YJFL to pave the way to a grand final.

Round 1:

SMJFL             9.6.60

YJFL                3.9.27

Goal Kickers: D. Seager 2, H. Dick 2, B. King 2, L. Jones , H. Reynolds , J. Munnings 

Best Players: L. Egan, J. Rowbottom, F. Connolly, B. King, M. Miller, H. Reynold

Round 2:

SMJFL             16.14.110     

WRFL              2.5.17

Goal Kickers: B. King 4, H. Reynolds 3, M. Field 3, H. Ross 2, L. Jones , J. Munnings , J. Rowbottom , D. Seager 

Best Players: S. Sargeant, F. Connolly, L. Macquire, L. Danielis, D. McNeish, J. Rowbottom

Round 3:

SMJFL             6.4.40

EDFL              11.13.79

Goal Kickers: R. O”Meara 3, D. Seager , B. King , J. Farrington 

Best Players: D. McNeish, F. Connolly, L. Danielis, H. Reynolds, L. Macquire, B. King