A selection of great pictures from the U11 - U13 Grand Finals. Posted in Featured News , Front Page News

How did our U11 – U13s go in their big Grand Final Matches?

U11 East

The Ladder leaders just couldn’t match the hunger of the Vampires. Despite breaking through in the third quarter to lead by two points, the Vampires led for most of the match. After the third quarter, the Vampires came out firing, scoring 3.3 in the final to seal the deal.
– Ajax U11 Comets: 4.7.31 defeated by East Brighton Vampires JFC: 7.7.49


U11 West

Cheltenham were too strong for the Knights at Keysborough, claiming the victory. Despite trailing by four points in the first, they were ready to go, never giving up the lead throughout the rest of the game and securing their place as the top side of the season.
– Cheltenham JFC: 10.14.74 defeated East Malvern Blue: 3.1.19


U11 South Red

Despite the hard work in the semi-finals by the South Melbourne Districts, they just weren’t able to overcome the St Paul’s side on the day. The boys from McKinnon led from the outset and the South Melbourne side weren’t able to have much control, except for a courageous third quarter where they reduced the St Paul’s side scoring to only three behinds.
– St Paul’s McKinnon JFC: 5.7.37 defeated South Melbourne Districts: 0.3.3


U11 South White

There’s a happy team at Waverley! After facing off against the top side St Bedes, they were able to show their rivals they were ready for some finals footy. However the top-side played a low-scoring match, with the ball being held up with good tackling across the board. But despite the Tigers late final quarter charge, Waverley held on for the win.
– St Bedes/Mentone Tigers: 2.1.13 defeated by Waverley Park Hawks 3.4.22


U11 North

Despite both sides looking evenly set for the match, Bentleigh were able to take the match and lead. Malvern really had their work cut out for them as Bentleigh’s leg-power and marking dominated throughout the game. East Malvern managed to score in the final term, but by that point the match was well and truly Bentleigh’s.
– Bentleigh JFC: 10.7.67 defeated East Malvern Red: 1.0.6


U11 Blue

With Malvern only leading by three points at half-time to Murrumbeena’s zero score, the match could have gone either way. The Knights managed to score against Murrumbeena in the third quarter, which left the lions trailing by 10. However Murrumbeena was able to come back and kick 1.1 in the final to end the match. Despite the Lions’ best efforts, it wasn’t enough as the Knights held on by three points.
– East Malvern Black: 1.4.10 defeated Murrumbeena JFC: 1.1.7


U11 Green

After St Peters impressive victory over first-placed Oakleigh in the semi-final, they were always going to be a tough opponent. It was level at the first and Highett was still competitively in the match at half-time trailing by four points. However the second half of the game was all St Peters, with five different goal kickers to lead them to a 27 point victory.
– Highett: 3.2.20 defeated by St Peters FC: 7.5.47


U12 East

The fourth-placed Zebbies are beaming after claiming victory over the second-placed St Paul’s. St Paul’s best work was in the third quarter, where they scored 4.3 to bring themselves within eight points of the East Sandringham score. But with the Zebras on 6.6(42) by half time and an answer of 2.3 in the final quarter, their victory was complete.
– St Paul’s McKinnon JFC: 5.4.34 defeated by East Sandringham JFC: 8.9.57


U12 West

Last week we asked whether the Sharks could overcome Prahran. Well yes they can. Prahran was working hard all throughout the game, with a lead of eight points at three-quarter time. But the Sharks were never far behind and managed to claim victory from behind with a completely dominating last quarter over the first-placed side.
– Prahran: 6.3.39 defeated by Beaumaris FC: 7.8.50


U12 South

The South Melbourne Bloods were on zero score at quarter-time, but their restraint was short-lived. They were able to come back to be up by seven points at half-time. The side also managed to hold off Bentleigh’s push in the third to come away by 13 points.
– South Melbourne Districts 4.2.26 defeated Bentleigh JFC: 2.1.13


U12 North

East Malvern had all the answers for the top-side, having a dominating victory across the whole of the match. The Bloods had a slim lead of a point in the first quarter, but they were soon held down by the might of the Knights.
– South Melbourne Districts: 0.4.4 defeated by East Malvern Red 4.2.26


U12 Blue

The Rovers were looking strong heading into their Grand Final match with the Panthers from Cheltenham. But the Panthers were the ones who eventually came away. The 10 goal margin was just too much for the first placed Rovers to overcome, going down by 51 points.
– Hampton Rovers AFC: 2.0.12 defeated by Cheltenham JFC: 10.3.63


U13 Div 1

On nearly equal footing, this match was really to determine the top two side of the season between these two sides. However there has to be a victor, and this match was the top-side Zebbies. The Vampires were down by 13 points at quarter-time however they weren’t able to match the Zebbies from that point onwards. The East Sandringham boys were powerful across the field with six individual goal kickers. The Vampires went down by 49 points.
– East Sandringham JFC: 11.5.71 defeated East Brighton Vampires JFC: 3.4.22


U13 Div 2

Murrumbeena finish the season undefeated in their victory against Ormond. The Ormond side had an impressive journey into the finals, but they weren’t able to match the Lions on the day. The Murrumbeena side led from the outset and completely controlled the ball, earning their minor and major premiership for 2015.
– Murrumbeena JFC: 10.9.69 defeated Ormond JFC: 1.4.10


U13 Div 3

It was always going to be a tough match between these two sides and the Dragons were able to seal their victory at Toorak Park. Despite the Rovers hard work in taking out top-side Dingley in their semi-final clash, Oakleigh proved too strong. Oakleigh got off to a flying start, being up by 16 points at quarter-time and held off some fancy footwork by the Rovers in the second, but after half-time, it was all for the Dragons.
– Oakleigh: 5.6.36 defeated Hampton Rovers AFC: 3.3.21


U13 Div 4

The Vampires were in control at the end of the first quarter in their Grand Final against the Panthers, but the fourth-placed Cheltenham weren’t done yet. They quickly bounced back, scoring three goals in the second and two in the third quarter to establish a comfortable lead. By the time the Vampires started leading the play in the fourth quarter, the Panthers could already taste victory.
– East Brighton Vampires JFC: 2.4.16 defeated by Cheltenham JFC: 5.1.31

Congratulations to all our U11 – U13 teams in 2015 and we hope you have a wonderful off-season and a great start to the new season in 2016!