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By Ben Pollard

Under 11 East

(1) East Sandringham 2.6 (18) def by (2) Brighton Beach 5.5 (35)

(3) Ormond 5.3 (33) def (4) South Melbourne White 2.5 (17)

Brighton Beach are through to the granny! The Kangaroos got the jump on East Sandringham early, kicking the only goal of the first term to set up a lead that would take them to victory. The Zebbies now face a preliminary final date with Ormond, after that team put in a gritty performance to overcome South Melbourne White. The Districts kicked two goals to nil in the opening term, before Ormond kept them goalless for the remainder of the match. East Sandy had two strong wins over Ormond during the season and probably enter this week’s game as favourites.

Under 11 West

(1) Dingley Black 4.6 (30) def by (2) St Peters 5.4 (34)

(3) St Kilda City Black 4.3 (27) def (4) Prahran Blue 2.5 (17)

St Peters maintained its hold over Dingley Black and advanced to the decider, but only after a significant scare… A strong first three quarters set up a 17-point St Peters lead at the last break but the Dingoes weren’t done with yet, kicking 2.2 (14) to just one behind to draw agonisingly close to victory. Alas, they must settle for a preliminary final with St Kilda City Black, which held a lead throughout against Prahran Blue to win by 10 points. Dingley triumphed by eight points in the teams’ only meeting this year, so prepare for another nailbiter, Dingo fans!

Under 11 South

(1) St Kilda City Red 5.8 (38) def (2) East Brighton Vampires 5.7 (37)

(3) East Malvern White 3.7 (25) def by (4) Highett 5.6 (36)

St Kilda City Red and East Brighton Vampires delivered on the promise of a classic semi final, with only one point separating the combatants at the final siren! The Saints stormed away with the only three goals of the first term, but the Vamps quickly hit back and went into the final term with a three-point lead. In a tense conclusion, St Kilda could only manage four behinds for the quarter, but it was enough to crawl over the top of East Brighton, which couldn’t score at all! Roman Anastasios was important with two goals for the victors. The Vamps must now back up against Highett, the Doggies toppling East Malvern White in their semi final with the help of two Tom Mackie goals. How quickly can East Brighton move on from their heartbreaking loss?!

Under 11 North

(1) East Sandringham 1.4 (10) def by (2) Murrumbeena Gold 3.4 (22)

(3) St Pauls 6.6 (42) def (4) Ajax Comets 0.5 (5)

A blinding second quarter against East Sandringham set Murrumbeena Gold on the path to the granny… Beena’s only three goals of the match came in the second stanza and it proved decisive. Ryan Driscoll bagged two of them, while teammates Patrick Bates and Max Delaney were also crucial. The Zebs must now meet St Pauls, which put in a barnstorming final-quarter performance (four goals) to put away Ajax Comets. Max Charlesworth and Nick Paizis (two snags) were key players for the victors and will have to back up their good performances if St Pauls is to defeat a team that got the better of them twice already this season.

Under 11 Blue

(1) Cheltenham Dale 3.2 (20) def by (2) Mordialloc-Braeside White 14.9 (93)

(3) St Peters 5.8 (38) def (4) Dingley Red 4.7 (31)

Wow. What more can you say about Mordialloc-Braeside White’s emphatic march to the decider? After a reasonably close first term with Cheltenham Dale, the Mustangs went BANG, booting five goals in both the second and third quarters to put the game to bed. Blake Howes and Damon Kelly were superb in the win, while Shilo Uberti slotted four goals. Can Chelt now recover for their prelim final against St Peters? The underdog Dingoes pushed them all the way in the other semi final… But being eight points down at the final change only brought the best out of St Peters. They charged home – with Sam Pritchard starring – to win by seven!

Under 12 East

(1) Beaumaris Sharks 8.6 (54) def (2) East Brighton Vampires Red 3.2 (20)

(3) Prahran Red 6.5 (41) def (4) East Brighton Vampires White 2.2 (14)

Not a great semi final weekend for East Brighton in Under 12 East, with both the Red and White Vampires suffering losses. Beaumaris Sharks stamped their authority on this division with a comprehensive victory over the Red Vampires – with good records against both remaining finalists, they seem to have one foot in the premiership door… Prahran’s win against the White Vampires was a little harder-earned, requiring a second-half burst to put the game away. With just two points in it at halftime, Prahran showed plenty of run in the legs to power away by 27. They meet the Red Vampires this week in what should be a close one – the series is tied one-all in 2013!

Under 12 West

(1) Highett 3.9 (27) def by (2) Cheltenham Williams 6.7 (43)

(3) Waverley Park Brown 6.4 (40) def (4) Beaumaris Great Whites 2.9 (21)

Highett couldn’t back up their win over Cheltenham Williams last week, as the Panthers put their semi final match-up away with a decisive two-goal-to-nil third quarter. Through to the granny they go as the Doggies prepare for a sudden death prelim final with Waverley Park Brown… The Hawks’ efficiency in front of goal was the difference against the wasteful Beaumaris Great Whites in their semi final, with Chayce Black (three goals) and Bailey Thompson (two) the crucial dead-eye dicks. Waverley Park could be a big show against Highett, too – the Hawks lost by just eight points and drew with the Dogs in their two meetings this year.

Under 12 South

(1) St Pauls 6.6 (42) def (2) Dingley Black 0.2 (2)

(3) East Sandringham 1.2 (8) def by (4) Prahran Blue 5.3 (33)

Has the flag been run and won? St Pauls are FLYING! They conquered Dingley Black with a superb display of team defence, restricting the Dingoes to just two behinds across the four quarters of their semi final. Jackson Hannah made the most of St Pauls’ good work with three goals and they can now start planning for two weeks’ time. In the other game, Prahran Blue was too strong for East Sandringham, with Lucas Pike and Charlie Bessell dominating. The Dingoes won’t want to still have their tails between their legs when they meet Prahran this week…

Under 12 North

(1) Oakleigh 4.9 (33) def by (2) Waverley Park Gold 7.4 (46)

(3) Mordialloc-Braeside Red 4.2 (26) def (4) Northvale 2.5 (17)

Shattering result for Oakleigh against Waverley Park Gold… After losing their first game of the season last week, the Dragons dropped a second one in their semi final. The second quarter was the crucial period – Oakleigh dominated, keeping the Hawks scoreless, but could only kick an inaccurate 3.8 (26) itself. From there, a 15-point lead was whittled away and Waverley Park steamed straight to victory. Four goals from Seann Watson were huge for the Hawks. The Dragons’ slayer from Round 14, Mordialloc-Braeside Red, now awaits them in a huge prelim final. Aaron Perry and Zachary Angus were brilliant as the Mustangs knocked off Northvale in their semi.

Under 12 Blue

(1) Bentleigh 6.12 (48) def (2) Dingley Red 3.4 (22)

(3) St Kilda City Red 5.5 (35) def (4) Ajax Stars 3.8 (26)

Bentleigh chalked up a 12th straight win with a strong performance against Dingley Red. The Demons’ four goals to one in the second half secured a chance to notch consecutive win no.13 on the biggest stage of the season – let’s just hope the number 13 isn’t unlucky for them… The Dingoes will have to bring their competitiveness to the table for a prelim final date with St Kilda City Red, who ended the season of Ajax Stars by nine points. The Saints will have quite a task to reverse a 10-goal loss to Dingley just four games ago, though.

Under 13 Division 1

(1) East Sandringham 7.11 (53) def (2) Beaumaris Sharks 0.0 (0)

(3) St Kilda City Black 4.8 (32) def (4) Mordialloc-Braeside 5.1 (31)

Two amazing semi finals results in Under 13 Division 1, folks… East Sandringham has declared its premiership hand with a 53-point thrashing of Beaumaris Sharks, who were kept scoreless by the Zebs. This was an amazing result given Beauy was the only team to knock East Sandy off during the season. Equally as amazing was St Kilda City Black’s one-point comeback victory over Mordialloc-Braeside. In a true game of two halves, the Mustangs put their entire score on the board in the first half, while the Saints incredibly did the same in the second half! Anything could happen in the Beaumaris-St Kilda City prelim final this week!

Under 13 Division 2

(1) Prahran Red 1.7 (13) def by (2) Murrumbeena Gold 5.0 (30)

(3) St Pauls 0.0 (0) def by (4) Ajax Comets 3.2 (20)

We hear it time and again – bad kicking is bad football… Well, Prahran Red might be reflecting on that this week after having more scoring shots than Murrumbeena Gold but still losing their semi final by 17 points. Billy Cooke and Ben Fierenzi were instrumental as the efficient Beena booked a grand final place by kicking five straight snags. In the other semi, Ajax Comets made a mockery of their 10-goal Round 13 loss to St Pauls by returning the favour when it really matters! Kai Gold’s performance was indeed gold for the Comets as they set up a prelim final date with a Prahran Red outfit on the rebound.

Under 13 Division 3

(1) Bentleigh 13.5 (83) def (2) Beaumaris Great Whites 2.3 (15)

(3) Dingley Black 1.6 (12) def by (4) East Sandringham 3.1 (19)

At least some Demons are travelling well in the football world at the moment… Bentleigh continued a fine season by dispatching Beaumaris Great Whites to the tune of 68 points in their semi final. Nick Lawrence and Lachlan Still bagged three goals each, while Dylan Walker played a blinder in the Dees’ march to the granny. Beauy will need to put this one aside and gear up for a prelim final with East Sandringham, which won a low-scoring, slogging battle with Dingley Black by just seven points.

Under 13 Division 4

(1) Northvale 8.4 (52) def (2) Oakleigh 0.0 (0)

(3) Beaumaris Black Tails 0.0 (0) def by (4) Mordialloc-Braeside Red 8.12 (60)

Who would’ve thought Northvale would roll over Oakleigh by 52 points after the Dragons won their previous battle just last week?! Not only that, but the Vales kept Oakleigh scoreless! Kudos to Kang Nyoak, who was fantastic with three goals, and his teammates Mamath Tey and Connor Dolby on their performances. Another big win was enjoyed by Mordialloc-Braeside Red, with Blake O’Leary’s five majors driving the Mustangs to a 10-goal triumph over Beaumaris Black Tails. Oakleigh already owns two victories over Mordi-Brae this season, but can they bounce back in their prelim final this week?

Under 13 Division 5

(1) Caulfield Bears 5.11 (41) def (2) East Sandringham 3.4 (22)

(3) East Malvern Knights 1.2 (8) def by (4) Prahran Blue 5.5 (35)

Caulfield’s undefeated season is still alive! The Bears got the best of East Sandringham in their semi final, mostly thanks to turning up the Bass… Sean and Hayden Bass, that is – the boys kicking three and two goals respectively to help seal a grand final berth for their team. East Sandringham now encounters Prahran Blue, which proved too strong for East Malvern Knights after a slow first quarter. Prahran will have to reverse two previous losses to the Zebs to continue on the path to glory, though.

U15 Girls Preliminary Final 1:

(2) East Brighton Vampirettes 1.4 (10) def by (4) East Sandringham East 2.3 (15)

Living up to their past clashes, this preliminary final was a close one! East Brighton Vampirettes had defeated East Sandringham East twice already this season, but by only 10 and seven points… And the Zebbies were clearly determined not to suffer the same heartbreak! East Sandy’s Laura Amelung scored the game’s only goal in a tight first half, before her second major kept the Zebs’ noses in front in a tense second half. A fitting spectacle under the lights of Moorleigh Reserve!

U15 Girls Preliminary Final 2:

(1) St Peters 2.5 (17) def (3) Highett 0.0 (0)

Minor premier St Peters kept its dream of an unbeaten season alive with a comprehensive win over Highett in their preliminary final. After a scoreless opening quarter, St Peters booted their first goal in the second term and never looked back. Grace Perriam, Brittney Seccull and Leora Elias were in the best players for the victors, and while Jasmine Batchelor and Jemma Owen battled well for the Doggies, Highett just couldn’t steal a spot in the decider.



Moorleigh Reserve at 12.30pm this Sunday is the place to be as St Peters and East Sandringham meet to sort out who takes home the Under 15 Girls title! The last time these two teams met (in a qualifying final), superb performances from Eve O’Meara, Danielle De Filippis and Lizzy Wardlaw drove St Peters to a big 35-point victory. Before that, the Zebbies had gotten a little closer, going down by 11 points in Round 2 and 19 points in Round 9. It’s going to take a monumental effort to bring down the St Peters powerhouse, but East Sandy will know anything can happen on that crazy occasion called grand final day!