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StrapIt are SMJFL Preferred Partners for First Aid supplies, and they would like to pass on the latest in First Aid technology to our clubs and players. 

If you would like to order the following products for you club’s first aid kits, please email StrapIt directly – Danny Gambero via

Mention SMJFL and your club to ensure a rebate is generated for your purchases. For entire product range visit their website –

Sick of messy nosebleeds? Check out Nozohaem


How Nozohaem works
Nozohaem is a unique gel that is inserted into the nostrils when a nosebleed occurs to stop the nosebleed and assist in repairing the damaged blood vessel.

Nosebleeds are generally caused by a burst blood vessel within the nose, predominantly from the septum (the tissue that divides the nostrils). As the body wants to continue to use the blood vessel it will go through a processes known as haemostasis to seal and repair the damaged wall of the blood vessel. Nozohaem plays a beneficial role in haemostasis.

The gel in Nozohaem works by applying gentle pressure to the bleeding vessel within the nostril which helps to quickly stop the bleeding.

Glycine is one of the main ingredients in Nozohaem which makes the gel hyperosmotic and aids in constriction of the vessel, also assisting in stopping the bleeding. The glycine also contributes to the efficiency with which blood platelets aggregate and form a clot or platelet plug.
The second active ingredient is Calcium Chloride which occurs naturally in the body and assists in producing fibrin. Fibrin is the clot which ultimately stops the bleeding. This clot will stay for 7-10 days before dissolving at which time the vessel is healed and blood will flow normally.

Nozohaem – $24.95


Never lose another lost tooth again, with SOS DentoboxSOS Dentobox

The Patented solution allows the tooth to the re-implanted for up to 40-hours. This significantly improves the success rate of re-implanting the tooth.

Manufactured by German Dental Company Hagen and Weken the SOS Dentobox has approval from the Australian Therapeutic Good Administration and offers the following advantages: 3 year shelf life at room temperature, up to 48 hours of preservation (for the tooth), instructions provided for the dentist on how to prepare the tooth for re-implantation.

Teeth are held into place by the numerous periodontal ligaments. These ligaments cover the root of the tooth and work like shock absorbers to cushion the tooth from hitting the bone in the socket while eating. When a tooth is knocked out these ligaments tear. It is possible to replace the tooth as long as the ligaments are in good condition. When teh ligaments are in good condition they are able to grow back and successfully retain the tooth.

This however requires re-implanting the tooth into its socket within 20 minutes before the ligaments begin to dry out and die.
The current First Aid practice of using milk is extremely limited as it only keeps the tooth viable for less that 1 hour.

SOS Dentobox – $59.95