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At Meade Reserve, on Sunday 24 August, the East Malvern Knights played an impressive match against the top-side, the Caulfield Bears.

Malvern were only behind the Bears by a few wins. After an impressive victory over Ormond to reach the final, Malvern were at their best to take on Caulfield.

Caulfield, however, came out firing from the opening bounce, with Liam Manakis scoring the first Caulfield goal in 2 minutes. Malvern however were unable to benefit from their hard work, struggling to score at the goaline, with five behinds on the board. Another late goal by Manakis led to the Bears being up by eight points in the first.

The second quarter saw Malvern register a goal on the board, but Caulfield were quick to answer, with another goal. But Caulfield were following on from Malvern with six behinds. However Caulfield were still dominating, up by 13 points leading into the long break.

Entering into the third quarter, Caulfield was grabbing the ball and having more opportunities at the goal posts. With a 3.3 score, Caulfield were looking strong heading into the final term. Malvern also scored 3.0 in their third term, keeping speed with Caulfield, but were still trailing by 16 points at three-quarter time. Malvern were going to have to hit hard to stage an upset to beat Caulfield by the siren.

In the end, Malvern was unable to make the most of their scoring opportunities, despite their hard efforts, scoring 0.4 in the final quarter. Caulfield were able to hang onto the victory due to their hard work in the beginning of the match and sealed the victory by 19 points.

Final score:
Caulfield Bears U16: 7.11.53
East Malvern White: 4.10.34

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