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On Sunday 24 August 2014 at Springvale Reserve, the East Malvern Blue side, held off the top charging Murrumbeena side to claim victory from fourth place on the ladder.

For the top-side, Murrumbeena had a quiet start to their grand final berth. After their easy match into the final match, the Murrumbeena side had none of that starting power in the beginning of the match.

Malvern were leading by 19-0 in the first, pushing their lead to 35 points in the second.

With only registering four behinds for the first half, Murrumbeena were going to have to build power to match the difficult match being put up by the East Malvern side.

In their top-side fashion, Murrumbeena came out firing in the third, with the ball regularly dominating down at Murrumbeena’s forward 50. With a score of 5.2 to East Malvern’s 1.2, the match was starting to heat up for the final quarter for the final match.

11 points between the two sides after Murrumbeena’s charge, both sides had a lot more work to do to claim victory. In the final quarter, Malvern again managed to dominate, scoring three 3.4 and really maximised their opportunities. To Murrumbeena’s credit, they worked hard for their score, pushing Malvern to quicken their pace for the final quarter. However Malvern managed to get their players where they needed them most.

Final score:
Murrumbeena U16 Gold: 7.10.52
East Malvern Blue: 10.9.69

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