A great shot from a SMJFL's Grand Final in 2014. Posted in Featured News , Front Page News

On Sunday 24 August 2014 at Mentone Grammar Oval, Dingley Black overcame the top Northvale side to play a spectacular match for the final.

Northvale and Dingley both only had four losses for the season. Northvale had their work cut out for them against Sandringham to win in their semi-final, after Dingley had defeated them in the preliminaries.

Dingley scored 1.1 over Northvale in the first, but both teams were playing consistently. Refreshed and prepared, the first quarter saw Northvale trailing by seven points. It was still early in the match and Northvale could tighten the contest up.

In the second, Northvale pushed hard to get themselves down in their forward 50. However they weren’t able to hit their target through the middle, scoring 2.7 in the second. However Dingley’s scoring were going well – kicking 4.1 and being up by 13 points. Both teams were working the ball well through the middle and making the most of turnovers, however Northvale needed to start scoring goals to ensure their victory.

After the break, Northvale were out firing! Managing to score a bit further down at the goals, they scored 3.4 to push themselves out in front for the first time in the match. Dingley were subdued throughout this quarter, now losing by three points. Northvale had answered to Dingley’s early score and scoring in the final quarter was crucial for both teams.

Northvale’s teamwork and perseverance throughout the match was commendable, but the final term saw Dingley blitz through down to the goal line and score. With an 5.2 score, Dingley cemented themselves in last quarter to earn the victory.

Lachlan Sinclair scored Best On Ground, while leading goal kicker Terence Patten scored four goals in the victory.

Final score: 

Dingley U14 Black: 13.6.84

Northvale JFC: 7.13.55

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