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St Peter’s FC has made a conscious effort to promote healthier food choices for anyone seeking a sideline snack.

At Centenary Park, in Bentleigh East, there has always been traditional footy fare on offer; foods such as pies, sausage rolls, hot dogs, dim sims and more. These snacks are popular, but the club wanted to cater for changing tastes, with both players and supporters seeking healthier food choices.

“We wanted to cater for the changes happening in many areas of society where people are watching what they eat, whether it be for weight loss, allergies and intolerances, health issues etc” said Vicki Durston, the club’s President.

Earlier this year the club was lucky enough to cross paths with world renowned chef, Stuart Russ, who is currently working in private business in Melbourne.

Stuart has a very rich history in the catering industry, managing his own catering company in Sydney and providing beautiful banquet style food to up to 500 people daily.  Some of his clients included George W Bush, Celine Dion and INXS, as well as the many cruise ships that would dock in both Sydney and Adelaide.

While Centenary Park may be an acute change of pace for Stuart, Vicki explained, he “gives up his time each Sunday to run our canteen and has expanded the canteen’s offering by including beautiful homemade soups, banana bread, toasties made on fresh sourdough – ham, tomato, Jarlsberg cheese – yum!”

If that doesn’t sound like enough to tempt the tastebuds, in coming weeks, he will work to offer fresh juices, and friands, while already occasionally offering up meals such as poached chicken salad and nachos.

The benefit is not only healthier options for players and supporters, but Stuart gives back to the club by teaching the young staff working in the canteen about keeping the kitchen clean and functional, while instilling that everyone’s role is important.

Stuart sees this service as a way of giving back. Not only serving up an array of delicious food but also putting plans and processes in place so the positive impact can be sustainable for future seasons.

Healthier food choices can only start when the options are available, and with such  expert input into developing easy to serve canteen fare, St Peter’s is certainly on to a winner.