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Jack Steele, the face of the South Metro Junior Football League’s (SMJFL) and St Kilda Football Club’s join ‘Play Fair’ initiative caught up with SMJFL media during the week to discuss his role as the face of the campaign.

Steele, 21, is in his first year at the Saints following two seasons at Greater Western Sydney before being traded at the end of season 2016.

In conjunction with the Saints, the Play Fair campaign was first launched in April and has been gradually rolled out to all 65 venues in the region.

You will have see the posters permanently placed in a prominent position in all club change rooms, both home and away rooms at every venue used regularly by SMJFL member clubs.

It builds primarily on league’s strategic values, Respect, Inclusiveness, Health, Well-being & Fun.

See below for Jack’s interview: 

Catch up on our coaches tour of the Seaford facility: