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A special offer from Strapit Sports is now available to all SMJFL clubs.

Strapit are the preferred partner for the SMJFL and one the leaders in Sports Medicine Products.

The 2015 season will be fast upon us, so order now and score your club some bonus value when you purchase a new medium or large First Aid Kid. The bonus value is up to $89 in the medium First Ai Kid and $149 worth of bonus value in the large First Aid Kit. 

As per the SMJFL By-laws, (excerpt listed below) it is a requirement that all home teams must have at least one first aid kit per ground. 

9.6 The home team must provide a suitable stretcher and first aid kit for each ground being used. The stretcher and the first aid kit must be easily accessible at all times. 

Additionally, it is strongly recommend that all teams (home and away) have at least one first aid kit per team.

To place an order online, please click on the following link 

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The league strongly encourages all clubs to check their current First Aid Kits and to purchase the additional kits as necessary. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer

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