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The SMJFL together with Grant Professionals are proud to announce one-year sponsorship deal.

Over many years, Grant Professionals have assisted sporting clubs, groups and associations gain grants and allowances to contribute towards club advancement, ground development and improvement.

There are many “real” grants worth thousands of dollars annually available to sporting organisations from Local, State and Federal Government and also from some large Corporates. Winning them regularly is very much achievable as the grant providers are keen to distribute the funds. It is not a begging exercise as organisations usually painfully experience with chasing sponsorships or organising fund raisers.

A number of successful grants have allowed for the addition of ground lighting, electronic scoreboards, provided clubs with new equipment, uniforms and an array of other requirements to enhance club facilities.

Given Grants Professionals’ experience over the past decade at having submitted and won thousands of grant applications across many different grants, they research and apply on behalf of clubs, associations/federations and officiating groups given most don’t have the time nor the experience to do these tasks regularly. Clubs may also be unaware of all the suitable grants that are available and hence miss out or struggle applying for unsuitable grants.

Within the SMJFL, Grant Professionals have worked alongside a number of clubs already; these include Cheltenham JFC, Brighton Beach JFC, Hampton Rovers AFC and Highett FC.

Cheltenham JFC successfully obtained over $40,000 to assist with the construction of electronic scoreboards, lighting installation and purchasing new uniforms and equipment.

Club president Tony Pitara was thrilled with the success achieved through Grant Professionals.

“I don’t believe the club had ever won a grant prior to partnering with Grant Professionals… they have allowed the club to progress which would have been virtually impossible otherwise,” he said.

Grant Professionals assist over 200 sports organisations, across 15 sports. Their services have been vital for sporting organisations submitting appropriate grant applications and resulting in a successful outcome. As many organisations lack the time or experience to submit a grant application, they often miss out on suitable grants that are available.

“With these particular successful grants, even if we had the time and skill to write them, we did not even know they existed until Grant Professionals highlighted them to us,” Mr Pitara said.

Sporting clubs and associations have an increased chance of success when applying for grants with Grant Professionals, and are only required to pay a fee should the application be successful. These grants must be entirely spent on projects applied for, and cannot be contributed back to the success fee. With no upfront costs, there is no risk for the sporting club.

SMJFL are looking forward to a successful partnership with Grant Professionals throughout 2017.