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The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) would like to issue the following statement regarding the Under 15 Division One Preliminary Final.


The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) would like to provide some clarity around the result of the Under 15 Division One Preliminary Final between East Brighton Junior Football Club (East Brighton) and Beaumaris Football Club (Beaumaris) on Sunday August 27. 

At the conclusion of the match, the ground scoreboard indicated a 3 point win to East Brighton.  

Following the final siren, the two goal umpires met to confirm scores as is required by both the SMJFL By-Laws and the AFL Victoria Laws of the Game. Each goal umpire had the same score; Beaumaris the winner by 3 points.

The By-Laws and the LOTG both stipulate that the official score of the game is that recorded by the goal umpires. In accordance with the By-Laws and the LOTG, Beaumaris was declared the winner of the game.

Following enquiries made by East Brighton, the SMJFL undertook an exhaustive investigation. Absent conclusive evidence that the goal umpires score cards were incorrect (noting that the was no video footage of the game), the SMJFL has awarded the game to Beaumaris, consistent with the By-Laws and the LOTG. 

The SMJFL regrets any distress and disappointment on the part of the East Brighton players and officials. However, the SMJFL is obliged to administer the competition in accordance with the By-Laws and the LOTG.   

SMJFL now consider this matter closed, and will make no further public comment.