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After some recent media commentary, the SMJFL would like to provide some clarity around its set penalty and tribunal processes as follows:

  • When a person is reported by an umpire on match day, any affected parties (clubs, players and umpires) are given an opportunity to provide information for the league to consider before a set penalty is offered
  • The set penalty is offered and the club and player/parents are given the option to accept the set penalty or have the matter heard in front of an independent tribunal
  • Each club is able to have up to 3 witnesses (including the alleged offender)
  • Each party is represented by an advocate and has the option to have a support person sit in and observe the hearing (generally a parent)
  • If the charge is proven, the penalty is increased by at least 2 matches from the original set penalty offered (this information is made clear at the time any set penalty is offered)
  • Tribunals generally begin at 6:30pm on a Wednesday night with the length varying depending on the time needed for each party to present their case

Additional points to note:

  • All umpires must be at least 14 years old
  • The tribunal is made up of independent volunteers
  • The SMJFL released its Dangerous Tackle Guidelines to clubs, umpires and via the website in May 2018
  • As per the guidelines, the league takes any injuries into account when offering penalties