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May 23 2017 

The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) would like to make the following statement in response to a report on 3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File this morning. 

Editorialised on the 3AW website following a talkback call, the report stated an under-11 side at Ormond was “scolded on Sunday for singing its club song after a win against East Sandringham because it would offend the other team.”

The SMJFL would firstly like to correct the following facts:

  1. East Sandringham won the game, not Ormond.
  2. Following the singing of the team song on the ground, it was East Sandringham’s own officials realising it was not in line with the League’s usual post game customs. The East Sandringham official allowed their team to complete their song and then informed the team manager of the breach. 
  3. At no stage were members of either team “scolded” or “offended,” nor was there any disharmony between the teams which resulted in any formal complaints to the SMJFL.

Section 13.10 of the SMJFL by-laws state, “Singing of club songs shall only take place in the clubrooms (or away from the opposition team if no clubrooms provided) and must not occur on the ground. Any Club that breaches this By-Law shall be dealt with at the discretion of the General Manager.”

On this occasion, it was self-policed by East Sandringham’s club officials. 

As a junior league, our boys and girls are taught the principles of sportspersonship from a young age which build primarily on league’s strategic values, Respect, Inclusiveness, Health, Well-being & Fun.

The SMJFL will be making no further comment.