Our umpires standing proud at the AFL Game Day Experience at the Essendon vs North Melbourne game last Friday night. Posted in Front Page News , People of the SMJFL , Umpiring

Update: SMJFL’s General Manager Jake McCauley put on the orange jumper to try out umpiring last weekend for Community Umpiring Round.

He umpired with SMJFL Head Umpire Coach David Anselmi and boundary umpires Brooke Foster and Patrick Aurish.

McCauley adjudicated the Under 17 Div 2 game between Cheltenham JFC and Waverley Park Hawks. 

The General Manager got the full game day experience, having to fill out all the paperwork just like the rest of our umpires.

General Manager McCauley said the chance to be on the field with the umpires, drawing on his umpiring background was a fantastic experience he won’t forget anytime soon. 

“I have a huge respect for the role of the umpire and the amount of work they do on game day,” McCauley said.

Have a look at some of the pictures of our General Manager umpiring last weekend below: 

Last Friday night, four of our umpires got walk onto the big arena with the AFL umpires at the AFL Game Day Experience at Ethiad Stadium at the Essendon vs North Melbourne game. These four umpires proudly represented SMJFL and got to participate in the pre-game warm up:

Patrick Aurish

Jackson Gillespie

Olivia Vesely

Leyla Yucel 

Take a look at some of the pictures from the weekend below:   

 Last weekend was Community Umpiring round at SMJFL where we celebrated all of our umpires.  

The game would not run without the umpires, who display tremendous amounts of determination through their adjudicating. 

The SMJFL is overwhelmed by the dedication shown by of all of our young umpires and this week our umpires have been able to participate in various exciting activities. 

On Tuesday May 12th, a group of our umpires attended AFL Umpire Training at Ikon Park:

Hamish McCartney

Cassie Collier

Amber Stelling

Matthew Wardlaw

Three AFL umpires also attended SMJFL umpire training last week. Chris Donlon (field), Nick brown (field) and Ian Burrows (boundary) were able to pass on their skills and knowledge to the young umpires.

Donlon started his AFL umpiring journey in what the SMJFL was known as previously, the MSJFL, so he was “coming home” to inspire the current SMJFL up and coming umpires.