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The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) is proud to announce it is partnering with Australian cyber safety company and app, Family Insights, in season 2019 to build on the leagues’ responsibility to keep its members safe.

Family Insights is an innovative app giving parents the tools to understand their children’s online behaviours, quickly identify threats in real time and provide educational resources to help families address any threat presented.

The partnership with Family Insights strengthens the SMJFL approach and invests considerable education into the league, clubs, players and parents.

Using substantive research into childhood development, and the use of the internet by children and teenagers, Family Insights also provides a range of online resources for parents and children on topics including cyber safety, cyber bullying, the impact of social media, and video games. This helps families enable their children to navigate the internet and other technology safely, while also encouraging open communication.

SMJFL Business Operations Manager, Toby Boyle, announced with pleasure regarding the partnership, “Family Insights is an industry leading online child safety company and we at the SMJFL believe we lead the way in child safety in junior sport.”

“The partnership will go hand in hand with what each organisation seeks to achieve – enhancing education and support for our members and the wider community”

Online safety and digital citizenship expert and Head of Education at Family Insights, Robyn Treyvaud, explained further the concept behind the initiative.

“We believe in supporting parents by helping them develop digital wellbeing within their families as well as keeping their children safe online,” Ms Treyvaud said. “Our entire approach is built around this philosophy.”

To launch the partnership, the SMJFL and Family Insights will be promoting the publication “The Parents Survival Guide to Children, Technology & the Internet” to all SMJFL members with further special offers.

The SMJFL looks forward to working closely with Family Insights to promote awareness, education and support of child cyber safety and digital wellbeing.