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The Pepper Money SMJFL Finals Series was wrapped up on the weekend, with our Under 14’s and above battling it out in the last of this seasons Grand Finals.

There was mixed weather across the day, with some matches played in glorious sunshine, while others experienced gloomy skies and a few showers throughout the game. From pre-game nerves to the final siren, this Grand Final Day was action packed and full of incredible moments.

Thanks to the fantastic support from Major Sponsor Monash University and the 2018 Finals Partner – Pepper Money, spectators enjoyed free entry to watch the future stars of footy test themselves on the biggest stage of all….a Grand Final.

A quick recap of each match is below and full match results of all matches can be found HERE

All match vision can be purchased via Red Vision on the SMJFL.TV Portal HERE

U14 Girls Division 1

East Sandringham take home the Division 1 flag after an impressive display against East Malvern at Le Page Park. While both teams were scoreless going into the second quarter, the Zebbies returned with a passionate fire in their bellies, kicking goals aplenty and highlighting their strong defensive skills, with the Knights able to score just one goal throughout the match.

Best On Ground: Bridie Hipwell (East Sandringham)

Final Score: East Malvern 1.4 10 def. by East Sandringham 7.14 56


U14 Girls Division 2

It was a tough game between Prahran and Moridalloc-Braeside, as much of the match was fought out in the middle of the ground with both sides struggling to get the ball inside 50 and convert. At the half-time break, the Mustangs had scored just 2 behinds, while Prahran were yet to make a mark on the scoreboard. In the final term, Mordi-Brae were able to gain enough momentum to snag a goal and take out the premiership.

Best On Ground: Lucia Marin (Mordialloc-Braeside)

Final Score: Prahran 0.1 1 def. by Mordialloc-Braeside 1.6 12


U14 Girls Division 3

St Kilda City proved too strong for Waverley Park, with the Saints holding all the momentum and control throughout the game. By the final siren, the Hawks were unable to orchestrate opportunities in front of goal and finished the game scoreless, while St Kilda City charged home for a Grand Final victory.

Best On Ground: Molly Doolan (St Kilda City)

Final Score: St Kilda City 5.3 33 def. Waverly Park 0.0 0


U14 Girls Division 4

After a tight first half between AJAX & East Malvern, the Comets came away with the premiership cup in the end. With just a two-point differential at quarter time, and a goal in it at the main break, it was anyones game going into the second half of the match. While both sides had multiple scoring opportunities, it was AJAX’s accuracy that kept them in front and secured the win.

Best On Ground: Romy Klooger (AJAX)

Final Score: AJAX 3.2 20 def. East Malvern 1.4 10


U14 Mixed Division 1

It was an incredible come from behind win for St Kilda City at Murphy Reserve. Trailing by 16-points at half-time, the Saints prevented Mordialloc-Braeside from scoring in the third term, finding themselves just 1-point behind going into the last quarter. Tensions were high in the dying minutes of the game, with both sides having moments of control and momentum. St Kilda City managed to hit the front and get up by just 2-points.

Best On Ground: Jack Atkinson (St Kilda City)

Final Score: Modialloc-Braeside 4.8 32 def. by St Kilda City 5.4 34


U14 Mixed Division 2

In another close game that ended in triumph by less than a goal, Port/South Melbourne and Highett/Cheltenham Black battled it out until the very end. Though the gap between teams was never more than 7-points, Highett/Cheltenham found themselves trailing throughout the game and though they came close several times, they were unable to get in front and were defeated by a mere 5-points.

Best On Ground: Oliver Humphreys (Port/South Melbourne)

Final Score: Port/South Melbourne 4.8 32 def. Highett/Cheltenham Black 4.3 27


U14 Mixed Division 3

In a standout thriller, Waverley Park and Northvale Hawks went head to head, with Waverley Park producing an exciting come from behind victory. Waverley were 22-points down at half-time, but with great determination fought their way back throughout the last half of the match. While Northvale kept themselves in the game, Waverley found themselves in front by a single behind at the final siren, finding themselves as Division 3 premiers.

Best On Ground: Martin Jones (Waverly Park)

Final Score: Waverley Park 8.1 49 def. Northvale Hawks 7.6 48


U14 Mixed Division 4

Port/South Melbourne were ahead during most of the game, before an incredible last quarter effort saw Highett/Cheltenham Blue steal the victory from underneath them. Highett/Cheltenham kicked two goals to none in the dying minutes to take the lead, holding off the Swans and winning the biggest prize of all.

Best On Ground: Damon O’Shea (Highett/Cheltenham)

Final Score: Port/South Melbourne 5.9 39 def. by Highett/Cheltenham Blue 6.12 48


U15 Boys Division 1

East Brighton played their best game of the season at McKinnon Reserve, booting 5 goals to 1 in the second quarter to hold a decent lead going into the half time break. Though Beaumaris continued to fight, the Vampires’ early lead was too difficult to catch up to. Archie Loughnan had a day out scoring 5 majors as the Vampires stormed home to a premiership cup.

Best On Ground: Archie Loughnan (East Brighton)

Final Score: East Brighton 11.19 85 def. Beaumaris 5.5 35


U15 Boys Division 2

A tenacious East Malvern were too much for Cheltenham at McKinnon Reserve. The Knights continually converted in front of goal while the Panthers were left scoreless for the first three quarters of the game. William Sibly was a standout, kicking 5 of East Malvern’s goals. It was great to see Cheltenham continue to compete and get 2 goals on the scoreboard in the last term.

Best On Ground: Ned Crowe (East Malvern)

Final Score: East Malvern 12.9 81 def. Cheltenham 2.4 16


U15 Boys Division 3

Majority of the game between Murrumbeena and East Brighton was evenly matched. With just a 3-point differential at half-time and a 5-point gap at the three quarter time siren, the game was completely up for grabs. It was the Vampires’ amazing final quarter efforts that secured them the premiership, booting 5 goals to none and storming home to a flag.

Best On Ground: Ben Trevena (East Brighton)

Final Score: Murrumbeena 4.4 28 def. by East Brighton 9.14 68


U15 Boys Division 4

It was a nail-biter for the Div 4 Grand Final, with both Beaumaris and East Malvern producing excellent moments of play, and neither team able to maintain a solid lead. The lead changed several times throughout the match, and the game came down to the last quarter. While East Malvern failed to score in the last quarter, the Sharks struggled with accuracy, scoring 3 behinds in a row. The Knights only just held on.

Best On Ground: Oliver Elliott (East Malvern)

Final Score: Beaumaris 3.11 29 def. by East Malvern 5.4 34


U16 Girls Division 1

East Malvern were too strong for Beaumaris at Le Page Park. While the Knights continued to build their score, the Sharks struggled to gain momentum and were forced to play the majority of the game deep in defence. Unable to swing the game in their favour, the Sharks never gave up and continued to play their hardest, but unfortunately finished the game scoreless.

Best On Ground: Holly Searby (East Malvern)

Final Score: East Malvern 12.10 82 def. Beaumaris 0.0 0


U16 Girls Division 2

St Kilda City takes out the Division 2 Premiership after an incredible come from behind win. Most of the game was evenly matched, with the Saints and St Bedes/Mentone unable to score in the opening quarter and a tight second and third result. Just 4-points behind, the Saints kicked 1.4 throughout the final term while preventing the Tigers from scoring, taking the lead late in the game and in the end, the flag.

Best On Ground: Matilda Mottram (St Kilda City)

Final Score: St Kilda City 2.6 18 def. St Bedes/Mentone 1.6 12


U16 Girls Division 3

It was a low scoring game between Ashwood and East Malvern at Murphy Reserve. The first goal was kicked by the Knights in the third quarter, with both sides only managing to score behinds throughout the first half of the game. Ashwood remained goalless all the way through, and East Malvern’s single goal got them over the line.

Best On Ground: Anneka Daveys (East Malvern)

Final Score: Ashwood 0.6 6 def. by East Malvern 1.3 9


U16 Boys Division 1

Both the East Sandringham Rovers and East Brighton Vampires boasted multiple goal-kickers throughout their Grand Final game, showing the diversity of both sides. The Rovers had the lead from the beginning of the game, and though East Brighton continually hit the scoreboard and also played an incredible game, they were unable to catch up.

Best On Ground: Sam Seach (East Sandringham)

Final Score: East Sandringham 11.9 75 def. East Brighton 7.6 48


U16 Boys Division 2

East Malvern proved too resilient for Dingley, with the Knights taking an early lead that they were able to maintain across the whole game. Though the Dingoes were extremely accurate in front of goal, booting 4 straight, they were unable to create as many scoring opportunities as the Knights, trailing behind and unable to take the lead.

Best On Ground: Ollie Lowe (East Malvern)

Final Score: East Malvern 9.10 64 def. Dingley 4.0 24


U17 Boys Division 1

Beaumaris’s Kyle Yorke had a stellar Grand Final game, booting 6 goals across the match, but tensions were extremely high towards the end of the game against Highett/Cheltenham Black. With both sides finishing in the top 2 and split purely on percentage, this game was always going to be a thriller. At the final siren, both teams, coaches and patrons found themselves in shock – the game was locked in a draw. Extra time was added to the game and the Sharks lifted their intensity, taking out the Division 1 flag.

Best On Ground: Kyle Yorke (Beaumaris)

Final Score: Beaumaris 12. 3 75 def. Highett/Cheltenham 9.8 62


U17 Boys Division 2

East Sandringham took an early lead in their game against Bentleigh, and despite the Demons’ intensity and amazing second quarter effort, they found themselves trailing for the entire game, unable to close the gap. Both teams had several goal-kickers, showing the variety and depth within the sides, but East Sandringham won the day.

Best On Ground: Cameron Morris (East Sandringham)

Final Score: Bentleigh 6.7 43 def. by East Sandringham 8.8 56


U18 Girls Division 1

Brighton Beach took out the Division 1 flag after an excellent performance at Boss James Reserve against St Peters. Though both teams had patches of incredible play and St Peters were ruthless in their tackling, Brighton Beach pushed through and managed to maintain the lead throughout the game.

Best On Ground: Stephanie Wallace (Brighton Beach)

Final Score: St Peters 2.3 15 def. by Brighton Beach 4.5 29


U18 Girls Division 2

It was a low scoring match between Hampton and St Kilda City, with majority of  the game battled out in the middle of the ground, both sides struggling to get the ball inside 50. Neither team managed to score in the first quarter, before Hampton took the lead by half-time. The Saints scored a single behind in the third quarter, and both teams were unable to score throughout the final term.

Best On Ground: Steph Peacock (Hampton)

Final Score: Hampton Rovers 2.0 12 def. St Kilda City 1.1 7