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The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) is proud to announce it has extended its partnership with Options Consulting Group (OCG) until 2020. OCG have become the exclusive Human Resources Partner of the SMJFL.

OCG have been facilitating the growth in the people and business of the SMJFL since 2015, overseeing the recruitment of five key SMJFL staff in that time.

Founded in 1990, OCG continue to build a solid reputation for delivering Human Resource outcomes to all types of companies from various industries. As a trusted and expert advisor to the SMJFL, the league is excited for the partnership with OCG to extend beyond HQ and provide benefits to the member clubs.

SMJFL Business Operations Manager Toby Boyle was delighted with the partnership extension. “The SMJFL’s vision to continue being the industry leader in the administration of junior sport requires us to partner with progressive and proven organisations. OCG have provided the league with outstanding HR support and the partnership with OCG will now focus on providing our clubs with the same level of support, care and expertise.”

The SMJFL and OCG are combining to deliver an exciting and very important new initiative for the member clubs in 2019, the inaugural OCG Club Conference. The conference will focus on several aspects of club management, volunteer management and industry best practice from several SMJFL partners.

OCG Principal John Gilbert stated “I’m thrilled to continue my involvement with junior sport, in particular contributing to the development of young people into good citizens. I’ve been involved in junior sport for a number of years at coaching and committee level and recognise the opportunity sport offers young people to grow in confidence, self-esteem, communication and social skills. All handy attributes for enhancing career prospects”

John added “OCG recognises the SMJFL’s dedication to being a values driven organisation so it is exciting and a privilege to continue our relationship – after all, it’s about the kids.”

Along with the Club Conference which will be held at the end of March, OCG will assist the SMJFL in officially launching the 2019 season with the OCG Season Launch to be held at the completion of the conference.

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