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Due to the extensive process that is creating fixture and to allow clubs reasonable time to provide preferences and feedback, the Round 5 fixtures will be released on Wednesday 11th May.

In 2016 the league is comprised of 56 competitions across 14 age groups, including 407 teams, made up of over 9,300 players. The remaining rounds will be released as soon possible. The more time that is taken earlier in the season, in consultation with clubs, results in less byes, and less game changes for the rest of the season.

If you need to know key season dates, including lightning carnivals and finals, a calendar is available on our website.

Clubs committees are the first to be provided with a draft fixture, in order for them to provide any feedback, as such any questions regarding potential game times or venues must be directed to your club’s committee.

Looking at the results from ‘grading games’ (round 1-4) some teams will be promoted to higher divisions and some teams moved to lower divisions. The important thing to remember is the SMJFL and your club both endeavour to achieve a level competition with the smallest possible final margins for all age groups.