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The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) will this Sunday 29 April celebrate Play Fair Round. 

The award-winning campaign was first launched in April 2017, in conjunction with league Community Partner the St Kilda Football Club, and has been gradually rolled out to be a staple in all 65 venues in the region. 

You will have seen the posters permanently placed in a prominent position in all club change rooms at every venue used regularly by SMJFL member clubs.

It builds primarily on league’s strategic values, Respect, Inclusiveness, Health, Well-being & Fun.

What it means to PLAY, COACH and SUPPORT FAIR:

FUN – Show sportsmanship to help everyone enjoy the game

APPRECIATION – Recognise the worth of others from all religious and cultural background (even if they are different to yours)

INCLUSION – Practice inclusiveness regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, cultural background, socio-economic status or football ability

RESPECT – Treat other’s how you’d like to be treated

The SMJFL is calling on all our members to embody these values. Our game has the power to bring people together and there is no better way to do that than to play FAIR.

Get involved this Sunday! PLAY, COACH and SUPPORT FAIR!

We want to see as many photos as possible uploaded to social media using the #PlayFair. Whether players are huddling around posters or displaying some post-match appreciation of the opportunity, tag the @SMJFL, #PlayFair and spread the message.