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Ormond Junior Football Club (OJFC) have announced a collaborative community partnership with Connect Health & Community, as well as youth well-being blog and resource A Path To Follow. The three have banded together in the creation of the OJFC Youth Mentor Program, a peer-to-peer youth mentoring program that will leverage off young players’ common passion of football, introducing the concept of mentoring through coaching.

Aiming to improve the wellbeing of children of all ages, the program, where young adults will coach younger children, will focus on building relationships within the club and community and promoting kids health and well-being practices. This will give both mentors and mentees a greater sense of connection, increased confidence, and improved social, organisational and conflict-resolution skills.

There is no cost in participating in the program, which will also provide free formal training for junior coaches/mentors and senior coaches/mentors. Mentors will coach small groups of young players in Junior Football, Auskick and Fair Go Footy teams, but will also have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one mentoring if interested.

All training will be conducted by professional youth social workers from Connect Health & Community and an Ormond JFC committee member representative. Participants will also received ongoing support throughout the season.

For more information about the OJFC Youth Mentor Program, please visit the Connect Health & Community page or contact program leader Kirstie Edwards on 0478 310 145 or