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There were many hard-fought battles in the Youth Girls divisions this round, with many teams scores not reflecting their efforts. Brighton Beach remains on top of the Division 1 ladder after another win, and Prahran and Beaumaris were caught in a nail biter that went down to the dying minutes.

Here is our weekend wrap:

Division 1:

St Peters had a win at home this weekend, with a 47-point victory over Bentleigh. St Peters managed to keep the Demons scoreless throughout the first three quarters of the game, before their hard-fought efforts paid off and they scored a single goal in the dying minutes. St Peters had seven different goal-kickers throughout the match, showing the diversity in their playing group. Final Score: St Peters 7.11 53 def. Bentleigh 1.0 6

Brighton Beach remain on top of the ladder after a 49-point win away from home. The Kangaroos were to quick and composed for Port Melbourne, with the Colts only able to kick a single behind in the first term, followed by 1.1 in the second. While the Kangaroos continued to extend their lead, Port Melbourne were prevented from scoring in the second half, unable to convert in front of goal. Final Score: Port Melbourne 1.2 8 def. by Brighton Beach 8.9 57

It was a close match between Prahran and Beaumaris. Though Prahran were in front for the entire game, the Sharks were never far behind. Holding just a 4-point lead at the half-time break, and a 9-point lead going into the final term, it was still anyones game. Both teams seemed evenly matched for most of the game, but Prahran stepped up in the final term, preventing Beaumaris from scoring and kicking a goal to extend their lead and win by 15. Final Score: Prahran 4.4 28 def. Beaumaris 2.1 13

Division 2:

East Brighton took the chocolates over Hampton Rovers on Sunday, when the Rovers found themselves unable to effect the scoreboard across the first half of the match. The Vampires held a 22-point lead at half-time, but were unable to score in the third quarter, where momentum swung back into the Rovers’ favour. However, Hampton were not to take the lead, as they were unable to convert in front of goal; all 4 of their opportunities resulted in behinds. The Vampires scored a sealer in the final term and won by 24. Final Score: East Brighton 4.5 29 def. Hampton 0.4 4

The game between St Kilda City and Oakleigh was a hard-fought battle in the middle of the ground with very little scoring. Both teams struggled to get the ball inside 50, with the Saints coming out strong in the first quarter but then finding themselves unable to score in second and third. The Dragons didn’t score in the opening term, but kicked a goal in the second quarter, before being scoreless again in the third. Both teams scored behinds in the final quarter, but it was the Saints’ first quarter efforts that kept them in front and got them the win. Final Score: St Kilda City 2.8 20 def. Oakleigh 1.1 7