Brianna Davey and Moana Hope at the launch of the AFL Women's logo. Picture: AFL Photos Posted in Featured News , Female Football , Front Page News

The new women’s competition will be known as AFL Women’s.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said the name had been developed in consultation with past and present players and the league’s women’s football advisory group

The announcement first appeared on

The logo  for the AFL Women’s competition features a stylised ‘W’, with iconic goalposts and a goalsquare.

The logo, developed in consultation with the AFL women’s advisory group, was released in Melbourne on Monday morning, September 19th 2016.

The AFL said the ‘W’ logo paid tribute to the heritage of the AFL logo, with the posts and goalsquare presented in a “contemporary, energetic, and youthful manner”.

McLachlan said the women’s league marked a new era in Australian sport.

“We have been thrilled by the public and media groundswell to the announcement of the AFL Women’s competition,” he said.