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By Gordo Beet 

Australian Rules football is a wonderful game. Why? The answer to that is very broad. The fact that it can entertain everyone (even people from overseas who might not understand the rules), and it is also a way for many different people to come together, and enjoy each other’s company.

The range of different cultures who are now involved in our game is outstanding. More and more of our players are coming from other places, countries and backgrounds. We are now being broadcast overseas, and this is making the game grow even more.

Take Mason Cox. Two years ago, he hadn’t even heard of football. Now, he has burst onto the scene for the Pies, and is making Americans take a bit of notice of us. (At least the ones who aren’t burning their KD jerseys).

Lin Jong, of the Bulldogs, is becoming an integral part of their midfield (even if he is touring the Collingwood headquarters).

We have Greeks, Italians, Americans, Sudanese and many other cultures who are now involved in the AFL.

Games are being shown in China, and Port Adelaide is wanting to take the game there next year.

So it’s about time that the AFL acknowledges this, which they have now done. Multicultural round is not just about the players, it’s about the fans as well. The diversity in the crowd is amazing, and with more people attending, they can spread the word around. Our game will eventually become (hopefully) a worldwide sport, and we can all help this, by telling friends who may not have played, or even getting them to come and watch a game.

The AFL has set up camps overseas where ex-pat Aussies and foreigners can play in games, and enjoy it. With the increasing amount of combines in other countries, the amount of foreign players will grow and grow.

This week, the range of different cultures is highlighted everywhere in footy, and we can only hope that this amount rises. This way, everyone can enjoy the greatest game on earth, and it is not just limited to Australia.

So enjoy multicultural round, and take notice of how many different cultures are on show over the weekend.

Good luck this weekend, and have fun back at school.


Our newest writer, Gordo Beet (Under 14s, Caulfield Bears JFC & SMJFL Umpire) will bring you a regular column. If you have an interest in reporting on football news, either at your local ground or covering the big issues get in touch here.