Please note this form is for Club and Team Officials ONLY.

Any supporter who wishes to provide feedback to the SMJFL Umpiring Department should do so via their Club Secretary.

360° feedback is a valuable part of assessing the performance of our umpiring team, and the effectiveness of our umpire coaching program.

We truly appreciate all feedback, but ask that when the feedback may be construed as negative, that it is provided in a spirit which assists our efforts to improve performance.

Please note that any feedback provided in an aggressive manner, or without providing the FULL NAME of the umpire will be deleted without passing on to coaching staff.

Please complete a separate form for EACH umpire.

Before providing feedback, please remember to take into account the fact that the majority of our umpires are aged between 14-19 and still learning their craft. Players make mistakes all the time and are not critiqued the way umpires are.

A good way of judging whether feedback is appropriate is to consider whether you would be happy having a stranger apply it to your own son or daughter.

Have a think about whether you are placing too high an expectation on a junior umpire, or whether their “fault” is simply inexperience which will only be improved by umpiring further games. It is a good idea NOT to submit any feedback until at least Monday afternoon, giving coaches time to actually consider whether the feedback is really necessary.