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IcebandSports has jumped on board as a Preferred Partner of the SMJFL for the upcoming 2014 season.

SMJFL is delighted to announce IcebandSports as a Preferred Partner for 2014 & 2015. The SMJFL is constantly looking to partner with products and/or service providers that enhance its reputation as the leading independent junior football competition in Australia. IcebandSports is one of these products.

The SMJFL will be using IcebandSports for its representative interleague programs, to ensure that the league’s best athletes have the best possible medical support. The SMJFL looks forward to working with IcebandSports to promote the IcebandSports product to SMJFL Member Clubs, players and parents of players to ensure that they too have the best possible medical product available.

The company’s product provides athletes with an easy to use cold compression pack to decrease injury recovery time, allowing athletes to get back out on the field sooner.

It is a new product on the sports rehabilitation market and its high functionality combined with its simple, reusable design ensures that the IcebandSports is a safer and more effective way of managing rehabilitation and postoperative pain.

The adjustable strap was created to ensure the pack remains firmly on the affected area while also allowing for movement from the athlete without dislodging the pack.

Through the simple use of ice and tap water, the IcebandSports can be reused as many times as required and is flexible enough to be used on many different areas of the body. 

Additionally, unlike many ice packs, the IcebandSports’ silicon outer layer can be applied directly to the source of discomfort without the need for an additional layer between the ice pack and the skin.

IcebandSports co-owner Frank Tovenati isn’t new to sport around his local area and his support of the SMJFL should come as no surprise. Having been around sport at the community level for years Mr Tovenati saw a way to improve upon the treatment of muscle injuries.

“[Co-owner] Baden and I both have children playing community club sport and our experience has shown that when they get injured the current method of treatment of soft tissue injuries can be clumsy,” he said. “IcebandSports can offer a better solution that is safe, effective and easy to use.”

“IcebandSports is proud to be affiliated with SMJFL as they are recognised as one of the leading junior sporting competitions. We look forward to a successful 2014 season.”

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