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In honour of Mother’s Day 2015, the League would like to thank all the Mums that make our competition possible. Some may think junior football is more of a ‘Dad thing’ but we just can’t deny the extensive invaluable involvement of Mums within our league. 

The league would like to recognise all of the Mums that fill important match-day and club administration roles within the league which include the positions of coach, team manager, club umpire, runner, water carrier, trainer, umpire escort, club committee members, canteen supervisor, merchandise manager and the list goes on.  

It would be impossible to measure the impact that Mums have our competition, as every weekend they fill many unofficial roles in support of their favourite young footballers! The SMJFL warmly thank all the late night banner-constructors, the team chauffeur drivers, the Sunday morning coffee brewers, the water bottle fillers, the half-time orange preparers, the back-yard trainers, the post-match snack funders, the mouthguard locators, and the uniform washers and folders.  

The biggest THANK-YOU to all the Mums of the South Metro Junior Football League!

Happy Mother’s Day!