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In honour of Father’s Day 2015, the South Metro Junior Football League would like to thank all the Dads that make our league run so smoothly. We love the involvement all Fathers take in their son’s and/or daughter’s football.

The league would like to acknowledge all of the Dads that fill important match-day and club administration roles within the league which include the positions of coach, team manager, club umpire, runner, water carrier, trainer, umpire escort, club committee members, canteen supervisor, merchandise manager and any other role that our amazing Dads manage to fill in.

The SMJFL thank all the late-night banner-preparing Dads who make their children’s time on (and off) the field so enjoyable and continue to make the SMJFL’s job a lot easier. We wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for the work of the army of footballing Fathers right around the league!

Whether you’re an on-field official or an off-field orange-cutter, mouthguard-finder, sock-pairer, or kick-to-kick partner – any role played in a child’s football ‘career’ is dearly appreciated.

The biggest THANK YOU to all the Dads of the South Metro Junior Football League!

Happy Father’s Day!