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Girls footy in the south-east Jewish community is growing at a rapid rate. That’s in part thanks to three of our young star’s and one inspiring mentor, who are determined to break down cultural barriers.

We spoke to three of our young girls and their very special mentor Reyzl Zylberman about the growth and acceptance of girls footy in the Jewish community.

Reyzl was also recently acknowledged for her work helping grow football in the Jewish community with the AFL Multicultural Ambassador of the Year award.

St. Kilda Football Club Head of Community Football Pathways and Partnerships, Gerard Jess said Reyzl was a worthy recipient of the award.

“Reyzl showed a lot of initiative and was very driven from the start to be involved,” he said.

“She took on a major project in the Jewish Schools Cup and was able to increase the number of schools and include girls’ teams, plus she also included Jewish Orthodox schools this year as well which I thought was fantastic.

“Reyzl is just so positive and she’s a real champion of her community and also for girls’ football in general, so we’re delighted to work with her at the St.Kilda Football Club and congratulate her on being recognised for her efforts.”



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