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You’ve presented a well thought out CV, you impressed at your interview, and you’ve now landed the job! What’s next? How do you prepare?

  • Creating parallels between your interview and your first day – be confident! Make sure you’re on time. Ask lots of questions, take in all of the information being given – It can be overwhelming so ask lots of questions and take notes. This shows that you are willing to learn, and are ready to take on this new challenge.
  • Make sure you approach the first day the same way you approached the interview when deciding what to wear. This is dependent on each job of course, where some jobs may require a uniform, however, the standard of the tidiness of your appearance is important. This is a second first impression, and it counts.
  • Make sure you make an effort with your new colleagues. You will be working together for a while, and your relationship with them will affect your experience in the workplace. That positive attitude and energy we keep coming back to is incredibly important here. Remember, your colleagues can teach you a lot, they’re one of your greatest resources.
  • No one expects you to know the job on the first day or even for weeks to come. Learn from your mistakes, make notes on these too, and refer back to them when you get stuck or need them.
  • Remember to be confident in your abilities, especially your ability to adapt in new environments – Look at you, you’ve achieved so much already and you got that job for a reason – so be proud. We can’t wait to hear about your success in this new role!

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