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Media Release from Footy Card Xchange

As we approach the launch of The Footy Card Xchange website, we are delighted to announce we have formed a partnership with the South Metro Junior Football League.

Footy Card Xchange is the brainchild of Caleb Waite and Riley Haycraft, two passionate, footy loving 9 year old boys. Even at their relatively young age they have been avid collectors and traders of AFL footy cards for a number of years. 

Their dream? To build a website where not only could they, and other like-minded kids trade their cards in a safe, controlled and fun environment, but that would give back to the community to support local footy clubs. 

Footy Card Xchange is a member based website where kids can trade and buy footy cards. Membership for the 2015 season is $29.95….but with a community focus…..$10 of the membership fee is donated straight back to the footy club of their choice. If no club is nominated, the money goes directly to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

With the help of their Dads, Paul & Darren, the boys have brought their dream to life. Footy Card Xchange already has the support of several AFL clubs to conduct trading days at Club events, also recently partnered with the Eastern Football League, and now the South Metro Junior Football League.

The SMJFL is excited to help support the father & son team as they build their community based business. Jake McCauley, SMJFL General Manager is impressed by the boy’s initiative and welcomes them to the SMJFL Partners Program for 2015. He is particularly impressed by the $10 kick-back straight to local clubs, most likely the club traders play for.

“The league is delighted to partner with Footy Card Xchange. Footy Cards are extremely popular with junior players and this concept provides our players with a safe & secure place to trade their football cards. We’re delighted that $10 goes to the player’s local Club, which provides a unique fundraising opportunity for the Club.” McCauley said. 

In simple terms Footy Card Xchange is designed by kids for kids, whilst serving a great community outreach program for local footy clubs, schools and charities. 

Footy Card Xchange is truly the “Best Spot to Swap”

For more information and to interview Caleb and Riley, please call:          

Paul Waite 

Corporate Advisor 

T: 0459 191 443


Darren Haycraft 

Corporate Advisor

T: 0418 302 689