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The Office for the Community Sector is working with Sport & Recreation Victoria and AFL Victoria in seeking information from people on the boards of community groups and sporting clubs.

Why are you on the board of your local football club?

How did you become a board member?

Were you ever given a job description for your board role?

How much did you know about the business before you joined?

What sort of training have you had to become a better board member?

How well are you supported in the role?

Do you have a succession plan in place for when you finish on the club board? 

These questions and more are being asked by the Office for the Community Sector and Sport & Recreation Victoria to find out what motivates people to undertake board and committee positions in the community and not for profit sector; what training is required for board members, and, what is important to those that sit on local boards and committees.

We know how hard and important the job is to be on your local footy committee, and are keen to find out further information so that we can provide better information and support to those of you on club committees through programs and education.

Please take the time to complete one of the below surveys – it will take no longer than 10 minutes and is mostly ‘tick the box’ format.

No personal information is gathered on you – and we encourage you to be as honest as possible with your answers.

 Opens external link in new windowCOMPLETE SURVEY NOW -> For current league/club board member or executive office bearers. 

 Opens external link in new windowCOMPLETE SURVEY NOW -> For those that are interested in becoming a club/league board member in the future. 

Both surveys close on Friday December 14.