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You might know him as the face of the Collingwood cheer squad, but Jeff ‘Joffa’ Corfe has this season been switching the magnets on the whiteboard as coach of the Waverley Park Gold Under 14’s.

Swapping the Black & White for the Brown & Gold of the Hawks, Corfe has coached a number of wins this season but has been more focused on teaching the kids some valuable life lessons.

“It’s a lot of fun and I’m big on telling them to hold yourselves up, don’t talk back to the umpire … you are who you are on the football field,’’ he told the Herald Sun.

“The way you carry yourself on the field is the way you behave in the suburbs.

Joffa’s grandson plays in the team and after initially being an assistant coach, he took on the senior coaching position soon after.

“I stir them up before the game and I make the changes during the game,’’ he said.

“I hope no one takes themselves too serious doing this because it’s meant to be fun.’’

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