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By Alex Charles

The Cheltenham Junior Football Club’s recent announcement that the CJFC Aussie Spirit Award is to be included in the 2015 season is an exciting proposition that has the potential to become widespread. The award is DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) approved and was this year awarded to the best player on the ground during the round two fixtures on the 26th of April. 

The idea behind the medallion is to commemorate ANZAC day and the qualities that encompass the ANZAC spirit. These qualities include: determination, sportsmanship, bravery, selfless acts and/or team orientated acts. These four key criteria have been chosen as a tribute to the men and women who fought to ensure we are able to lead the comfortable lifestyle we live today, and it gives the junior players an opportunity to learn about the ANZAC’s dedication and how to use these qualities in their everyday lives.

The winners will be announced on the club’s first family night on May the 15th where a representative from the Cheltenham RSL will be present to award each individual champion. The idea for the award was initiated by the Moser family, who have three children playing for the Cheltenham Panthers

It is ultimately a great initiative as it gives young footballers the chance to be rewarded for acts of courage and bravery on the field. 


Nevertheless, while the Aussie Spirit Award is a relatively new initiative presented by CJFC, the idea of award medallions has the potential to stay a regular practice in junior football as well as branch into other sporting codes.