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2020 SMJFL Umpire Academy Registrations are OPEN!

We have a spot in our academy for YOU!

In 2019 the SMJFL Umpire Academy, proudly sponsored by Monarch, had a whopping 724 umpires in our
league. With community football growing rapidly the number of umpires required needs to grow as well.

We have 10 qualified coaches and 5 other staff members within the Umpire Academy, who are trained to
get the best out of our umpires and make sure they enjoy their time as umpires and are ready for the
starting siren on game day.

Match payments range from $40-97, with the average umpire last year (umpired at least 15 matches) taking
home almost $1000 (tax-free).

The SMJFL Umpire Academy now is taking on YOUNGER BOUNDARY umpires for the first time (field
umpires starting off will be the same age):

  • If you are 12 years old or in year 7 you can commence BOUNDARY umpiring
  • If you are 13 years old or in year 8 you can commence FIELD umpiring.

Umpiring is great for:
– Developing confidence
– Enhancing your Leadership capabilities
– Making connections
– Supporting and growing life skills (organisation, responsibility, commitment, public speaking,
integrity and independence)
– Fitness and Positive Well-Being
– Student Agency
– Alternative pathway to the AFL
– Sportsmanship
– Appreciation of the official

If you are looking to become an SMJFL Umpire for the first time, please REGISTER HERE

If you are looking to re-join the SMJFL Umpire Academy, please REGISTER HERE

Take a leap of faith and please join the South Metro Umpiring Academy today


Cam Watts – SMJFL Umpire Academy Manager

Email:            Mobile: 8594 0285