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The 2018 Under 14 Metro Junior Champions were decided this weekend when our South Metro Stars went head to head against the Yarra Junior Football League and Northern Junior Football League in their Grand Finals held at Ethan Central Park on Saturday 31st of June. Despite two close games and hard-fought efforts, unfortunately both teams were unable to come out on top, resulting in two losses for our Under 14 South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) sides.


Here are the full results:


Northern Junior Football League vs. South Metro Junior Football League

It was a tight game between the two leagues for majority of the game, evenly matched for the first three terms. With a draw at quarter-time and a minor 13-point lead to Yarra at major break, it was still anyones game going into the second half. The Stars were able to close the gap by three-quarter time, Yarra holding a mere 8-point lead going into the final term. Unfortunately, Yarra were just too strong and stormed home in the last quarter, kicking 8 goals to our single behind and taking out the U14 Pool A Division 1 Championship.

Final Score: Yarra JFL 14.12 96 def. South Metro JFL 4.8 32

Goal Kickers: L. Travers, A. Rielly, J. Behnk, X. Russo
Best Players: R. Larcher, B. Pantas, M. Rowe, L. Travers, A. Rielly



Yarra Junior Football League vs. South Metro Junior Football League

The game was up for grabs in the first half, with the South Metro Stars up by a goal at quarter time, followed by a change of lead that saw Yarra in front by 13-points at the main break. Despite our best efforts, Yarra were able to break away in the second half, booting 4 goals to 1 in the third quarter, and as they prevented us from scoring in the final term while kicking another 2 goals to cement their victory, they took out the Pool B Division 1 Championship.

Final Score: Yarra JFL 9.12 66 def. South Metro JFL 2.11 23

Goal Kickers: S. Watters, W. Moody
Best Players: T. Brookes, S. Watters, M. Clarkson, J. Pitara, L. Gordon-Shore, T. Feehan


Well done to all our South Metro Stars for your hard work and dedication throughout a successful Interleague season, and thank you for representing the SMJFL. Congratulations to all players who were able to compete in an AFL Vic Metro Junior Championship Grand Final!