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Loved, supported or abandoned?

 Applied for role advertised;

  • No response to initial application
  • No return phone calls
  • No feedback/advice from your initial interview with recruiter
  • Made the shortlist, didn’t advance to next round – no valuable feedback
  • Unsuccessful at next round client interview – still no valuable feedback
  • Success – got the job, no more contact from the recruiter

Has this ever been your experience when applying for a new role advertised by a recruiter?

Unfortunately, this type of experience is common for mostly everyone applying online for a role and is considered the norm and not the exception – thankfully, there are Recruitment Consultants who do not behave in this manner. Options Consulting Group adheres to a set of Guiding Principles.

Paramount in our Guiding Principles is: Display Empathy to all candidates

This means keeping the Company and the Candidate informed through every step in the recruitment process. After all, filling a role as well as seeking a new position can be a fraught/stressful process so we provide:

  1. Timely information about where you stand in the process;
  2. Know why you have been rejected from the process;
  3. How you can improve or realign their presentation; and
  4. How else the Recruitment Consultant can assist in their quest for a new position

It also means that we:

  1. Take calls and engage in discussion with candidates;
  2. Discuss in detail the job brief we are managing. We can do this because our team of consultants come from industry with knowledge and experience in business process and associated competencies. Also, Options Consulting Group works in partnership with our clients on an exclusive engagement basis;
  3. Offer alternative career, job sourcing strategies and CV/Executive Summary presentation advice in the initial interview meeting where/when that’s appropriate; and
  4. Retain CV/Resume details for further opportunities – we conduct a thorough database search on each/every new assignment.

And here’s the best bit:

  1. When offered the position we assist the Candidate through the contract negotiation/employment process along with coordinating all pre-employment procedures; and
  2. When the candidate is successful and appointed into the new role you automatically enjoy the support of our 12-month Candidate Care Program. We’re routinely in contact with the successful Candidate, you and your stakeholders to ensure you’re inducted and supported effectively so you can reach your performance potential and enjoy a successful career with the company.


If you would like Options Consulting Group to assist you in finding the right fit for your team, and ensure you  have the best possible start to your career, get in contact with one of our experienced consultants on 03 9693 9300 or through