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St Paul’s McKinnon JFC’s Georgia Smith has been awarded the Monash Leadership Award for the month of April.

After playing her first season of football last year, a knee injury has ruled her out of playing in the immediate future and so the 16-year-old has turned her attention to the role of assistant coach of the St Paul’s McKinnon Under 18 side.

“I tore my meniscus in a netball game, so unfortunately it means that I can’t play footy this season but being involved in the club means quite a bit to me so that’s why I wanted to be assistant coach,” Smith said.

“Maybe towards the end of the year if we make finals (I could play), but definitely next season.”

Smith said she wasn’t expecting the award but said that it was nice for her efforts to be recognised in the broader SMJFL community.

“I was really surprised. I had no idea that I’d been nominated so it was good to find out that my achievements in the club had been recognised. It was great,” she said.

“It’s really good to coach the girls that I go to school with. It’s fun and we don’t take things too seriously here. We’re all about having fun.”

Georgia with the St Pauls McKinnon Under 18 side and SMJFL CEO Sarah Loh.

St Paul’s McKinnon JFC had this to say about Georgia’s nomination:

“Georgia had a fantastic 2018 season and enjoyed football, making it a fun and enjoyable environment for girls to come together and play a fantastic sport whilst building comradery and skills.

“Despite being injured, Georgia decided to maintain her leadership role and kept the girls in the U18 team together by being the assistant coach. Georgia’s passion, vibrant approach to football and attitude to have fun and enjoy the mateship is what makes Georgia a worthy recipient of the Monash Leadership Award.

“Her passion, leadership and drive for girls in football has infected the SPMJFC community and as such we currently have 28 girls playing Under 18 football and more than 90 girls playing across six teams.”

South Metro Junio Football League and Monash University congratulate Georgia on her continued commitment to girls and women in football.

If you would like to nominate someone at your club for the Monash Leadership Award, you can do so here. Nominees must be under 18 years of age and be currently involved with an SMJFL club or the league.