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SMJFL Premier Partner Monarch has completed a painting makeover for Ormond Junior Football Club (JFC).

The Ormond JFC canteen, located at EE Gunn Reserve, was repainted by the Monarch team as part of the ‘Renew A Club’ initiative.

As part of their partnership with the SMJFL, Monarch are committing to renewing one SMJFL pavilion every year.

The Monarch team renovated the canteen from head-to-toe by giving the kitchen walls, ceiling and timber cupboards a fresh coat of paint.

Monarch resident painting expert Mark ‘Fussy’ O’Connor said Monarch’s goal was to make a lasting change to Ormond JFC’s facilities.

“When you look at a painting project, me being an ex-painter, I’m pretty fussy with the way we do it and so are Monarch,” said Mr O’Connor.

“We want to use quality Monarch products to put the paint on, and the project’s going to last,” said Mr O’Connor.

“Not only will it look good, but it will be here for years.”

Ormond JFC President Gavan Dwyer and Monarch painting expert Mark ‘Fussy’ O’Connor.

Mr O’Connor said Monarch was proud to be making a difference within the SMJFL community.

“We’re inside, we’re making it look good, and we’re making a difference to the local community here at Ormond,” he said.

Ormond JFC President Gavan Dwyer said he was “speechless” when he saw the makeover unveiled.

“I’ve been at this club for over ten years, and the canteen has always looked a certain way,” said Mr Dwyer.

“Coming in and seeing it almost like a modern kitchen is just fantastic,” he said.

A before-and-after of the Ormond JFC canteen. PHOTO: Monarch Painting

Mr Dwyer said the makeover will have a widespread impact for the Ormond JFC community.

“Its great for our people who work in our canteen because they just feel energised and happy to be around it, and its a great reflection of our club back to the people behind the counter,” he said.

“We’re so grateful to Monarch and the SMJFL for what they’ve done to help us get to where we have, so thank you.”

If your club is interested in the next Monarch ‘Renew A Club’ makeover, you can apply here.