APPOINTMENTS for Round 1 of the 2017 season will be released the day before the season begins. Until then the Umpiring Department wishes everyone a safe and happy Summer!




CLUBS PLEASE NOTE: If an umpire has not yet been assigned for one of your team’s games the Umpiring Department will endeavour to supply an available umpire by the time the match begins. However, if there is not an umpire on the above list you are obliged to proceed as if there will not be one supplied. Please be aware of the requirements for Club provided umpires under the SMJFL By-laws:

It is also mandatory in the event that official umpires are not supplied by the league for the HOME team to submit the online match paperwork before 9pm on match day. Even if the umpire comes from the away team, it is the HOME team’s responsibility to ensure paperwork is sent to the league’s Umpiring Dept. Given the SMJFL is using a new app to submit paperwork, please ensure the HOME team sends the CMR to Amanda (0421 170 756) via a photo taken on a phone and it will be submitted online by us. We STILL need this by 9pm Sunday.

Club provided umpires – As per SMJFL By-law (22.8-22.10)

22.8. Where a Field Umpire is absent or unable to complete a match and another member of the current Umpires Panel is not available:

22.9. The teams involved may agree to appoint a substitute Field Umpire or Field Umpires who shall:

– officiate for the match; and

– have the power to lodge a Report against a player or Team Official; and

– award SMJFL best and fairest votes for the match.

22.10. If no substitute Field Umpire(s) can be agreed upon the match shall be abandoned and the matter referred to the General Manager for a determination regarding allocation of premiership points.