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Umpire Level 1 Accreditations 2017

CLICK HERE for a list of field and boundary umpires who have achieved their Level 1 accreditations this season. Congratulations to all of these umpires – if your name is not on the list and you believe it should be please contact Amanda or Nick to discuss.

The actual certificates for each umpire have been delivered to our office at 145 Keys Rd, Moorabbin, and are now available for pickup during normal business hours. For any not picked up this year, we will bring down to training early next season. NB: we also have certificates left over from 2015 and 2016 certifications if anyone is missing theirs and completed the L1 or L2 during that period.


Umpires Presentation Night 2017

Our Presentation Night will be held at the Kingston City Hall – we’d love to see EVERYONE there!

WHEN:   Monday 21st August

WHERE: Kingston City Hall, Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin

TIME:      6.00 for 6.30pm

RSVP:       Please CLICK THIS LINK to tell us if you are coming.


Information Night 2017

Thank you to everyone who turned up to our information night at training. It was great to see so many new faces, all keen to build on what they have been learning in training. For those who want to review the night, or those who were unable to attend, click the following link to have a look at the Powerpoint presented on the night.

Information Night Presentation 2017


Designated Ruck Ruling – new law for 2017

The revised interpretation of the Non-designated Ruck Law when the ball hits a player who is deemed passive and not contesting the ruck contest is recommended to be enforced within our community football Leagues. The AFL has advised the following:-

This new interpretation is seen to be a common-sense approach that does not bring the decision-making process of the field umpire into question unnecessarily.

Following one occurrence in the recent JLT Community Series, it was clarified that in any instance where a player is struck by the ball at a boundary ruck contest but was passive and had no intention to contest or impact the ruck contest, play on would be called.

The full wording of the communication to the clubs was as follows:

Designated Ruck

Designated Ruck  interpretation for the following situation will apply in the SMJFL as well as in the 2017 AFL Premiership Season:

“Play On” will be called if the ball strikes the non-designated ruck, who is passive and has no intention to contest or impact the ruck contest.

A link to a video for anyone wanting to see the new ruling follows: CLICK HERE

A printable version is available by clicking the following 2017 AFL Laws of the Game – new interpretations for season 2017

PLEASE NOTE: the Deliberate rushed behind law is NOT to be applied in the SMJFL


2017 Practice Matches
See the Forms & Documents page on the menu for pay details and a form to enter your availability for potential practice matches.
2017 Training
Finally we got our pre-season underway on the 15th March when around 95 umpires attended the first session of the year. It was fantastic to see many new faces alongside the more familiar ones. Make sure that you put Wednesday nights for 4.45-6.00pm in your diaries and make it to training each week. In a terrific first session we introduced our coaching team led by new Head Coach Cam Watts and made sure everyone felt welcome.
Please don’t panic if you are unable to attend the first couple of nights, we fully understand that many of our umpires are still participating in their summertime pursuits, or in the multitude of school camps happening at the moment. This is the main reason we are not having our main information session until a few more sessions have gone by. Stay tuned for a date though!
To see our full list of coaches please check our CONTACTS page.
2017 Registrations

Registrations have now opened for 2017. Go to the “Registration” page under the Umpiring menu to register as a new umpire. Existing umpires (those who were registered in 2016) should have received an email detailing how to re-register quickly, without having to remember email addresses or passwords. If you can’t find the email please check your JUNK MAIL folder in case it has been sent there. If you still can’t find the email contact Amanda Beet on or 0421 170 756.

2017 Uniform is now available to order – CLICK HERE

Please note that you will need a new uniform if you don’t have the BLK gear we began wearing in 2016. Due to issues with BLK we will be having a new supplier once we sell all the BLK stock, but are looking to replicate the “look” as closely as possible, so anyone buying the BLK gear will not be disadvantaged. Call Amanda if you have questions about this.

Remember that uniform INCLUDES the wrist bands – they are not optional.


Do you PLAY as well as Umpire? Is your team likely to play finals this year?

Footy is a wonderful game, and we know many of our umpires PLAY as well as UMPIRE games. Given the importance of being fit and well rested to either play or umpire, we make it a general rule that you can do one or the other – but not both. We need to know which of you are likely to play in finals, so we can begin looking at what sort of numbers we have available for finals. To let us know what’s going on please click the following link to fill out a form. If you team is even remotely a chance to play finals you need to fill in the form.

CLICK HERE if you might be playing in finals


Match Day Paperwork APP.

Download this app by searching on MATCH DAY PAPERWORK” from either the App Store or Play Store depending on the brand of your phone. It’s put out by Sporting Pulse and is free to download.

This app is now working correctly for just about every umpire. If you can’t login to it please download the following list of instructions and try re-setting your Sporting Pulse password. This has been the main problem. You really NEED to make sure your email address you are logging into the app with is the SAME ONE you use to access Schedula – however it may not be the same password!

How to re-set Sporting Pulse Password

Once into the app it might be an idea to clear it out of any data it might have. Press the “I” button at the top-right of the screen, scroll to the bottom and click on “Clear all data”. Then logout and login again – hopefully your games will now appear (if you have one)

Good luck!


2016 UNIFORM has finally arrived.

Green Shirt: $40.00
Grey Shorts: $25.00
Green Socks: $12.00
Sweat Bands (wrist): $8.00

Optional extras include a jacket and a hoodie (to be ordered early in the season) and sports kit bag (limited stock).

An online order form is now on the Forms & Document menu. Uniform will be available at training on Wednesday from 4pm onwards (training begins as usual at 4.45pm for warm-ups).

Please note that umpires with 2015 uniform may continue to wear it for 2016, when you replace it however you will need to buy the new BLK logoed gear. We would ask those with uniform that fits OK to wait a week or two before ordering new uniform to ensure we kit out all of our new umpires before supplying replacements.


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