League Patrons


The idea of a Patron is to assist in advancing the aims and objectives of the SMJFL by virtue of their standing within the community and knowledge and experience in football.

We see this being achieved by the Patron through:

+ publicly supporting the objectives and activities of the SMJFL

+ attending and participating in SMJFL events like tonight

+ providing guidance and counsel to the SMJFL Board when required

The SMJFL Board have worked hard to identify the right person for the patron role. The SMJFL Board are very pleased to announce co-Patrons for 2015 – Eddie McGuire & Dermott Brereton. The pair will take over from outgoing Patron Tim Watson.

They have been selected because of their work on FoxFooty 360 degrees, where almost every week they provided some positive commentary around their experience with junior football every Sunday. This includes Dermott claiming on SEN Radio that he had witnessed the best umpired game of AFL for the 2014 season. In fact it was a SMJFL match he referred to.

Both patrons have an invested interest in junior football, with sons who play in the league. Eddie, has two sons, and Dermott one. In addition to his role as parent, Dermott has shown his commitment to the league through coaching for the last 3 years.

The profile of these carefully selected patrons hopes to bring positive attention to the growth of junior football and the future development of the league.