Under 13 Mixed


5.30 – 6.30pm at Moorleigh Reserve, 90-92 Bignell Rd, East Bentleigh

Footy boots are now able to be worn at Moorleigh – and remember your mouthguard!

Please arrive earlier if you can, the coaches will be ready to begin the session at 5.30pm sharp – warmup activities will be provided for those getting there much earlier.

Please note: although we do have a medic in attendance at every session who is happy to strap ankles, knees, wrists etc. players are requested to bring their own strapping tape – the tape we provide in kits is for injuries sustained at training only.

Under 13 Interleague Player Release: March 8th 

Thank you for your participation in the 2017 SMFL Interleague program. As explained at the information night, tonight is our first release.

If you are released and your name does not appear amongst the list we retain, we ask you to reflect on the opportunity you have had to train with some of the best players in the league, led by some highly skilled coaches, improving your football and fitness. We also hope you have made a few new friends.

Please continue to work hard as there is a chance you could be called back after the footy season begins. Should that not be the case for you, remain dedicated to your skill development as boys develop at different rates and next year may be your chance.

We wish you well for the season ahead.

Click here for Under 13 players continuing in program

For those listed and continuing in the 2017 SMJFL interleague programs,  continue to display the dedication and interleague values of (CARE) Commitment, Attitude, Respect and Effort  you have shown to date.


Please make sure you download and read the following document…. BUILDING A TEAM


2017 Interleague Information Session:

Thank you to everyone who attended our information night on Monday 6th February. If you missed the night, or want to see some of the information again, please click the following link which will allow you to view the presentation again.

2017 Interleague Player Information Night UNDER 13


Photo Request

Please have someone take a photo of you in your club jumper against a plain background holding your name/club/jumper no. sheet (scroll down for downloadable template) and send it to us at footballoperations@smjfl.com.au if you didn’t get one done in the first couple of weeks

In order for our coaches to identify the players more quickly we intend taking head and shoulder “mug-shots” of each player. To simplify identification it would be appreciated if you could download, edit and print the following document on an A4 sheet of paper. This should be brought to the first training session you attend, we’ll take the photo of player holding the sheet of paper to identify them. If you have printer or computer issues, please CLEARLY and in large print write the information (given name, surname, club, jumper number, age group, height and weight) on a clean sheet of paper and bring that.

If you have any problems with your child’s photo being taken please discuss with us on the night.

Interleague Photo Information Template << click this link to download editable word file


Payment of $40 training fee:

If you haven’t yet paid the fee, please click this link PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD payment which will take you to our payments page.


We use MailChimp for sending out team emails. The email address we use is the one you provided on the registration form. Please DO NOT unsubscribe from these mail outs, as we cannot add you back on the list. If you want a second email address added, or are not currently receiving any emails please contact Amanda Beet on footballoperations@smjfl.com.au or 0421 170 756.

Save the date (Under 13 Interleague Carnival day):

The Under 13 Interleague Carnival will be held on SUNDAY 11th JUNE at a venue T.B.C. Please put this date in your diary. All players selected in the final 48 are expected to be available on this date.

2017 Interleague Eligibility:

Please note that any player who changes clubs before the season will not be eligible to be part of the Interleague squad. This is a new initiative designed to stop good players leaving the club that has supported them in order to find “better” football. We truly believe such players can learn leadership and help their club team improve by remaining at that club, whilst being able to participate in the Interleague program to satisfy their thirst for higher skilled football training and games.

The 2017 Interleague Eligibility rules may be viewed via the following link:

2017 Interleague Program Eligibility Rules

If you believe you qualify for an exemption from these rules please complete the following form:

Interleague Eligibility Exemption Request



Please note that Stephen Zayler has been appointed as the interleague coordinator for the Under 13 interleague program. Stephen will be the first point of contact for all player & parent enquiries. Stephen’s contact details are listed below:

Stephen Zayler

SMJFL Interleague Coordinator

0439 394 463



South Metro Stars Team  Song 

Oh when the Stars,

Go marching in,

Oh when the Stars go marching in,

Oh how I want to be with South Metro,

When the Stars go marching in.

Oh when the Stars (oh when the Stars),

Go marching in (go marching in),

Oh when the Stars go marching in,

Oh how I want to be with South Metro,

When the Stars go marching in.


2017 Interleague Program Eligibility Rules