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In this episode of From the Bench, Cam and Ian welcome Marketplace Fresh Director Stephen Fanous to the show to discuss the Healthy Club Canteens project. Then, SMJFL Umpire Academy Coach Alanah French drops by to talk about why she became a coach. Then, clubland legend Paul Carrigan tells the boys how the Hampton Rovers Juniors are staying connected during lockdown 2.0.

1:07 – Favourite Footy Moments
2:58 – Lockdown with Leachy – Stephen Fanous
5:54 – #StarsOfTomorrow – Alanah French
13:32 – Ball Up with Cam – Paul Carrigan

‘I Feel Like Partying Right Now’ – Nat Keefe & Beatmower (YouTube Audio Library)
‘This is a Jazz Space’ – Midnight North (YouTube Audio Library)
‘Dreams’ – Bensound
Sound Off (Sting) – Jingle Punks (YouTube Audio Library)
Far Away (Sting) – MK2 (YouTube Audio Library)
‘2 Hearts’ – Patrick Patrikios (YouTube Audio Library)
‘Straight’ – Bensound