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In the tenth episode of From the Bench, Cam and Ian chat about what’s next for the AFL in Round 3. The boys also hear from Warrick from MyPhysio and Eugene from Options Consulting Group. Plus, SMJFL Dietitian Sarina is back with more healthy tips – This time to discuss the importance of hydration at training and game day.

1:02 – Cam and Ian talk Round 3 of the AFL
6:17 – Lockdown with Leachy – Warrick from MyPhysio
Click here to see the Footy First program from MyPhysio.
11:48 – Hot Tip of the Week with Options Consulting Group – How to stand out from the crowd
12:52 – Healthy Bites with Sarina – The importance of hydration

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‘Mirror Mirror’ – Diamond Ortiz (YouTube Audio Library)
‘Straight’ – Bensound
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‘Potato Deal’ – Craig MacArthur (YouTube Audio Library)
‘This is a Jazz Space’ – Midnight North (YouTube Audio Library)
‘Dreams’ – Bensound
‘In the Land of Rhinoplasty (Sting)’ – Jingle Punks (YouTube Audio Library)