The newly designed SMJFL Interleague jumper for season 2015 Posted in Front Page News

The SMJFL are pleased to announce our coaches for the South Metro Stars Interleague program for the 2015 season.

The interleague coordinator will again be Stephen Zayler, who will oversee three of the four teams that will be representing our league during the season, culminating in the final games during the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. David Zivin will again fulfil the role of Team Manager for the Under 16’s girls. 

A new group of faces will coach the teams for season 2015, with the exception of Jo Adams, who will once again take the reins for the Under 16’s girls squad. Laura Kane will assist Jo in the role of head coach. The rest of the coaching panel for the Under 16’s girls will be made up of Bridget Barker, Rosie Dillon and David Zivin.

It was a milestone year last season for Jo Adams who co-coached the first SMJFL youth girls interleague team. She was also a finalist in the State Female Coach of the Year awards, after winning the southern region crown.

First time coach, Bill Leggett will be the head coach of the Under 13’s and will be ably supported by Darin Edwards, Mark Jackson and Ben Kelly.

The Under 14’s teams will be led by Sam Calogero and supported by Michael Smith, Chris White and David Williams.

The Under 15’s teams will be led by young Nathan Beaumont with a support staff that includes Jarrad Kay, Tim Marshall (also Director of Coaching), David Sheridan and Brett Williams.

The SMJFL are excited for the upcoming South Metro Stars Interleague program and have some outstanding coaches on board, who represent no less than 10 different member clubs.

“We feel that our representative program should be representing our league through a range of players and coaches from all clubs. We think it’s really important to develop our coaches as much as we can, and we have a responsibility to and that’s why applications went out to every club and luckily enough we were able to get coaches from 10 different clubs across 18 coaches, so we’re really pleased,” said Director of Coaching, Tim Marshall. 

We have a good combination of experience and coaches who have coached representative football, cricket and basketball – so who know the drill. There is a mix of first time coaches and those who have been around the program for a year or two, it’s a perfect balance for us and we can’t wait for it to begin”.